Shrink partition c to create new for pictures etc

  richardkms 10:18 31 Dec 2007

I have 110gb on my laptop but only use 45gb. Can I use acronis 9 in anyway to reduce the size of the c partition and create a new d? I gather that it would search faster afterwards because there is less disc/files to look at. Is there any other software if acronis can't manage this?



  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:25 31 Dec 2007

There will be no differnce in speed on modern computers that a human could detect and partitioning is so twentieth century.
Just create a folder 'photographs' and stick them all in there...however, I would get a 4Gb memory stick or an external drive as an HD failure would cause the loss of all your photos. One word...Backup.


  tullie 10:44 31 Dec 2007

An external drive would be so much better.Cant see much point in a seperate partition if hard drive fails etc etc

  richardkms 10:57 31 Dec 2007

Yep - seems time, you loose hat you've both made up my mind.
I can see that it's best to get an external. The only thing is that unless it's connected all of the time you loose instant access.
A bit of 'win some, loose some' I suppose!

  Quiller. 12:21 31 Dec 2007

" Can I use acronis 9 in anyway to reduce the size of the c partition and create a new d? "

Yes acronis 9 will do that with ease, so long as your laptop is not using vista.

Even external hard drives go bang and or get corrupted, so all the data is lost. Create a partition if you wish and still get an external drive. You'll then have belt and braces if either fail.

Remember that external drives are slow when transfering large amounts of data, unless you get the expensive firewire 2 drives. So checkout the performance of any external drive before buying.

  sinbads 12:36 31 Dec 2007

I agree with quiller yoy are no safer with an external hard drive 'I have the best of both worlds ie partition and external hard drive.
I find that having a partition has more advantages than a separate drive.

If you are using vista it has its own shrink facility in disk management just right click on your drive and select shrink option

  Jim_F 12:36 31 Dec 2007

You don't say what OS you have but both Vista and XP disk management (right click computer and then Manage) will let you shrink a partition provided there is continuous free space at the end of it and then create a seperate partition.

In my view the one advantage to this is that if the OS gets corrupted you can format and reinstall or restore without touching your data.

I think the idea is to use the external drive as backup so you still have working copies of your photos etc on the fixed drive for convenience.

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