281apple 06:40 21 Mar 2008

I downloaded and used SHRINK to transfer movies from a DVD disk (which was bought in a shop) to my HD and it worked like a charm. But when I transfer (using SHRINK) a TV movie on a DVD disk which had been recorded on my DVD Recorder, my HD does not pick up something and the transfer seems to eliminate the Menu when there are two or more movies on the disk. It is then time consuming trying to find out how to "manually" improvise to find the MENU, and even worse, sometimes it can not even be found. All help, comments, ideas and/or suggestions are welcome.

  €dstowe 08:51 21 Mar 2008

If you're just doing a copy of your own work why not use the Copy Disk facility in Nero?

  eedcam 09:06 21 Mar 2008

If you Are you just copying as a full disc or are you re-authoringin which case drag the title over and select start /finish for the first movie a matter of seconds to do the drag the title over again and do the sam e for the second movie
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  281apple 15:12 21 Mar 2008

No €dstiwe, it is not for my own work for which I already use Nero.

eedcam, I'm not sure I understood what you said. In any case, I usually record from three to six movies from my TV onto my DVD Recorder/Player. I then make a DVD disk. What I want to do now is save the three to six movies onto an external multimedia hard drive which can be connected to a TV, a projector, or another computer; Why? Because, when I go to visit my kids, I take the external HD and leave it with them for a few days so they can see the movies on their TV. You may ask "Why not simply burn DVD's for them" and the reply is that they do not want a DVD Player.
In addition, I have just learned that the life long-ness of DVD's is not true and that some could last only from six months to a year or two. And we are building up videos of our family and want to show them to our kids in 10, 15 or even more years. Maybe I'm not explaining myself very good?

In fact the question is how to record movies from a TV onto a Hard Disk and in my case an external HD multimedia HD?

  281apple 15:13 21 Mar 2008

see above please

  lofty29 15:19 21 Mar 2008

why not get a digital dongle for your pc, record to you hdd then transfer to external hdd. Just as a matter of interest how are you getting three to six movies from tv onto a single dvd disk, they will normally only hold 2-3 hours at reasonable reproduction.

  eedcam 15:52 21 Mar 2008

Ok use shrink Open the disc with the multi movies on it and choose reauthor sort out your movies into titles then when you are ready just choose create disc image and choose the drive in question.
Here's the how to with shrink any queries come back
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  jimv7 16:09 21 Mar 2008

Have you finalised the disk with the dvd recorder prior to putting the disk into the computer.

  eedcam 19:06 21 Mar 2008

Apple just rand a multi ex tv recording and it is even more straightforward that I thought .Just open the disc in shrink when its analyzed just select reauthor and providing you made the recordings seperately it will show tile 1 2 3and so on .Just drag each title over move up or down as you please and its ready for backup. In disc image on the HD it willplay back and aallow you to navigate between titles

  281apple 15:54 22 Mar 2008

lofty: I'll check out your suggestion. Thanks. By the way, I can save up to six TV films on one DVD disk providing they are of of low quality (which is good enough just to see them once) and not more than 50 minutes long. FBI Disappeared is about 39 minutes long and the german detective films are about 50 minutes as well as the Hercule Porroit and the Sherlock ones.

eedcom: I'll check your suggestion out. Thanks. I downloaded the Guide on How to add multiple movies / titles to one DVD using DVD Shrink. I'll try it when I get back home on April
2nd. You wrote "In disc image on the HD it willplay back and aallow you to navigate between titles" and that is exactly what I am look for. Will come back to you after April 2nd.


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