Showing digital camera images on TV via DVD reader

  Mike_R 17:53 05 Oct 2003

I am thinking of buying a DVD reader for my TV and am wondering whether I will be able to use the equipment to display my photos held on computer produced CDs. If so, will I need any special computer software to format the CDs, or to buy a particular type of DVD? I cannot easily connect the PC to the TV as they are in separate rooms.

  Morpheus© 18:03 05 Oct 2003

you just have to change the images from jpeg to mpeg stick them on the CD stick that in the DVD player and away you go....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:23 05 Oct 2003

I've bought a Cyberhome DVD player from WHSmith for £50. It will play photo CDs as a slide show or you can view the images individually. It will also play multi-region DVDs with a slight tweak ;-))


  Mike_R 18:45 05 Oct 2003

Thanks. I am thinking of getting a DVD recorder when I can make up my mind which one to get and whether to wait a while to see if prices drop.
Is it as easy as just shoving the photo CD in the DVD reader and pressing a few knobs?
Also, how do I change the format from JPEG to MPEG? My Camedia software does not seem to have any such facility.

  woody 19:04 05 Oct 2003

Mine just reads jpeg.
Just drop the cd in away you go.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:32 05 Oct 2003

Yup, mine plays Disc Formats: DVD,CD,MP3,CD-R/RW,VCD and the cat's tail. With a new firmware download it will also support...JPEG support - JPEG Slideshow - MP3 nose repaired - automatic 16/9 change-over - SVCD zoom function added - SVCD navigation extends - MPEG 2 support extends - some DVD titles fixed - mini DVD information flow-rate increases click here


  powerless 20:01 05 Oct 2003

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