Showing .AVI files on TV

  Dirty Dick 14:08 22 Jan 2004

I have some avi files that I want to play over my TV. The files play with no problem thro Windows Media player on my PC. I have a cable to connect my PC to my TV. One end has a Scart lead to connect to the TV/Video Player and the other end has two connectors, one is a 3.5mm audio jack plug, and the other is a plug that connects next to the monitor plug, whick I think is on the graphic card. My garphic card is a nVIDIA GeForce 2 Pro and I am running XP Pro. Is there anything else that I need to do to watch these files on TV or was the cable a bad buy !!!

  johnnyrocker 14:11 22 Jan 2004

click here and for 9 quid you have your solution i use it with vcr and tv perfectly.


  BigMoFoT 14:52 22 Jan 2004

As long as your TV card has tv out facility then youn should be able to - you could by a stand alone divx player!?!?!

  Dirty Dick 15:12 22 Jan 2004

Johnny, Just downloaded the TVTool and run it. Then spent sometime running from one room to the other to try to get Windows back on to the monitor, from my TV. It's going to be a bit like the GOLDEN SHOT, or I'll have to rig up mirrors, any other ideas where I'm going wrong?

  johnnyrocker 15:23 22 Jan 2004

i had that prob at first but found a setting somewhere within the settings but for the life of me cant remember at this time but will have a look at home for you, it has a setting for dual view possibly in desktop properties or one of them, will get back to you.


  Dirty Dick 15:26 22 Jan 2004

Cheers Johnny

  johnnyrocker 15:32 22 Jan 2004

thinking about it you could try escape on keyboard, will keep thinking.


  Dirty Dick 15:43 22 Jan 2004

Tried escape, No Luck !!

  Dirty Dick 15:43 22 Jan 2004

Tried escape, No Luck !!

  johnnyrocker 15:45 22 Jan 2004

ok i keep thinking, in the meantime try ending the task from task manager.


  Dirty Dick 15:48 22 Jan 2004

Can't see anything on Monitor, only on TV in distant room. Not a spring chicken anymore and it seems like I've just run a MARATHON !! Looks like I'll have to move PC next to TV and use as a monitor

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