cazkenton2003 21:35 30 Aug 2003

Have installed Zone Alarm on my pc ages ago and I have a program called showbehind.exe trying to access the internet every time i connect.What is this program and where did it come from?.Is it spyware or adware?. I don't remember ever installing this program,and how do I remove it? Many thanks,

  powerless 21:40 30 Aug 2003

It's spyware.

Download, click here ,install, update, scan, and remove.

  cazkenton2003 21:53 30 Aug 2003

Just installed the Spybot and it showed nearly 50 entries! most of this was from showbehind.Am removing them now,except for the program itself ,which will be cleared at a reboot.
Thanks for your help!!!!

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