should you leave your pc switched on at the wall

  nikef 13:19 14 Oct 2005

over nite, i do, but my sis does not and when she switces the pc on in the morning it sends monitor in 2 stand by

  Methedrine 13:30 14 Oct 2005

I suppose it is really down to personal preference.

I leave mine plugged in but not switched on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:32 14 Oct 2005

click here 117 posts says it all.


  SANTOS7 13:33 14 Oct 2005

To configure a power scheme

1. In Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click Power Options.
2. Click the Power Schemes tab.
3. Select a power scheme. You can then change the settings in the power scheme to best meet your needs, this will include disabling the standby option.
If your sisters PC is run through a power surge protected extension then tell her to leave it on as it will do no harm, if she still prefers to turn off at mains then the first part will help,good luck..

  nikef 13:34 14 Oct 2005

thank you, i do what you do but my sister switches the lot off and when she switches it bk on the next morning it sends monitor in2 stand by,would that cause sum sort of power surge or something many thanks 4 replying

  nikef 13:40 14 Oct 2005

thank you gandalf and santos7 for replying she does not have a power surge protector will try that many thanks

  woodchip 13:51 14 Oct 2005

I leave the Wall plug in switched on all the time unless going away or storms

  nikef 13:58 14 Oct 2005

thanks woodchip she just abit paraniod she turns everything of at the wall incase of it starts a fire

  Glyn-252301 16:12 14 Oct 2005

People have died in their beds through leaving things switched on.
Just a thought.

  woodchip 16:18 14 Oct 2005

I seem to think that's why the brought SMOKE Alarms out

  bruno 16:55 14 Oct 2005

Smoke alarms might save your life but it may cost you your house.The fault on the monitor will not be caused by being switched on in the morning.It is safer to switch off at the socket,it leaves one less thing to go wrong.

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