Should startup repair only work from one option - either the cd or system?

  theDarkness 18:39 12 Oct 2011

I noticed that I was getting a blue screen on a vista system when attempting an F8 repair on bootup in a test. There was also the option of reinstalling the system back to factory default via the high st sellers vista cd instead that came with the system. Could the reason for the blue screen beforehand be because the system may not be able to 'repair' itself using F8? The microsoft website states "If Repair your computer is not listed as an option, then your computer does not include Startup Repair as a preinstalled recovery option".. could the blue screen be because the F8 repair option should not list itself at all, and be allowed to be selected?

  Zeppelyn 19:27 12 Oct 2011

Im guessing the the seller has put their own option on the F8 menu, usually the first item is "Repair My Computer" which launches startup repair but I've never bought a pre built pc so not my strong point.

There is a way to add that option if you have the patience.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 12 Oct 2011

What code on BSOD?

you can do a start up repair from the DVD

  theDarkness 20:51 12 Oct 2011

I dont know the code, the blue screen shows for a millisecond, then restarts windows as normal. I tried switching the autorestart off on the bootup options, but it doesnt stay for me to read it. I cant find anything related to it in the event viewer, unless there is somewhere else I should be looking.

ps Ive mentioned all this in my last post-but ive been trying all day to find out why one registry key: [HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DbgagD\1*]........ using combofix, its value="? \09\06\18\0b73Y" and is suspiciously locked and being picked up by my antivirus as a single "hidden" file).. the system cannot even show the value or let me highlight the folder. as I cant repair this windows key or repair the blue screen, Im wondering if they could be related or if the system simply has corrupt entries. ive tried regmagik and regscanner, and they cant repair or view it.

thanks :)

  theDarkness 00:35 13 Oct 2011

ps on the CD, I get "reset to default" and a non clickable "reset to factory default". If I click on the first, it tells me that I will lose ALL files, so unless its a mistake on the disc (accidentally added for both selections when it should only be for the factory default option) I dont want to chance it. Its an msi machine from 2006. although I cant be 100%, im fairly sure this value is just corrupt. I probably shouldnt have used combofix, as thats been known to corrupt files (desktop.ini) and automatically remove default windows files icons too :( I cant win, lol

  rdave13 10:00 13 Oct 2011

Here's a thread from Malwarebytes about bootkit problems similar to yours. If you use combofix then you need to sign-up to an expert forum, in my humble opinion, to use, Malwarebytes forum

Worth a read but you can skip the first logs of the poster.

  onthelimit1 10:34 13 Oct 2011

I've just found Blue Screen View which identified the source of the BSOD on a Vista PC. May help. Incidentally, the problem was a programme called Rapport Trusteer - a freebie from some banks. It has also caused update problems on two other Vista machines.


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