Should "Return" my 7 day old Laptop ?, or........

  KorgY 15:06 30 Aug 2008


I recently took delivery of a Hewlett Packard Laptop from pc world, and it's a HP Laptop DV7-1020EA click here for model.

These new HP laptops have touch sensitive controls for: Volume, Media player, and WI-FI. (Amongst others).

I've had it just over a week (21st Aug), and these controls constantly "lock up" and become inoperable, so when touched don’t respond (they are locked as I write on the laptop, and it's only luck of the draw that the Wi-Fi is locked "on", as sometimes they will be off. (It sometimes works if I turn the laptop off for 10 mins and restart)

I was wondering if I could return this laptop to pc world, or maybe solve the problem with HP. also, the front end of the laptop is quite sharp, and would "probably" cut if fingers sliced the wrong way.

I've not dealt with any returns from PC world before, and was wondering if I could have a new one (rather than it be repaired, as I have issue with the sharp ends). My hears are very deaf ATM, so couldn't do much on the phone today :(



  KorgY 15:08 30 Aug 2008

Yes, I was going to add that is it possible to select a different model from the one I have?, or even get a money refund?

Thanks, hope its the right forum


  crosstrainer 15:09 30 Aug 2008

It's new, it's a no brainer.

Take it back and get it replaced, before you fill it with important data.

  KorgY 15:12 30 Aug 2008

Thanks Crosstrainer. it was an online order btw, and i can't travel for certain reasons., so hopefully this can be done over the phone (when my hears are ok)or online - or something??



  crosstrainer 15:19 30 Aug 2008

Yes, phone them, explain it's faulty, and insit on a repcement / refund.

Don't take no for an answer.

  spiders 16:16 30 Aug 2008

You should get in touch with PC World and explain that it's faulty. Under the "Sale of goods Act" any item should be "FIT for the Purpose" for which it was if you buy new trainers you don't expect the sole to fall off after 4 days. Same with PC's and any other item, the law also applies to goods and services,like car repairs etc. It is PC Worlds problem, as they are the ones you have the contract with. They may well try to say it's under warrenty by H P, but just ignore any comments like this and ask to speak to a manager, who will be well aware of the "Sale of Goods Act", just the mention of it gets the results you want.

  KorgY 16:39 30 Aug 2008

Thanks all for replies. Yes, spider, I JUST recieved your reply as i was getting on the phone, so i had this "Sale of Goods Act", to work on.

However, I was on the phone no more than 5 minutes, and was put through to "tech-support", and told the man that i wanted a refund. NO questions asked at all, and was very pleasent indeed. They will collect it Tuesday, THEN give me a refund. (He seemed casual about it, not bothering to ask me whether the Nortan Software had been opened (it has) but he just said box it and it will be collected.



  bjh 18:16 30 Aug 2008

Just make a record of what he said/offered, just in case things go pear-shaped later... it would help in any difficulty to be able to sat you took notes of conversation. OK, I know I'm a pessimist, and here's hoping nothing does go wrong, but...

  spuds 19:34 30 Aug 2008

They might offer vouchers to the value that you paid. Look out for that, if you do not intend to purchase a replacement from PC World.And as previously stated, keep full records of dates,times, conversations for future reference, you might need them, hopefully you won't.

  KorgY 19:59 30 Aug 2008

well, didn't hear any mention of vouchers spuds, so If i'm issued vouchers, then that can't be right - can it. I was told I will get a full refund (he did mention the figure of "it wil be One thousand pounds", I said, yes that's correct, so, barring anything unusual, things should pan-out ok, but yes, you have to be watchful - and listenfull:)

Will keep you posted. Thanks


  KorgY 02:20 09 Sep 2008

Got My Refund Today, in full. Had email over the weekend to tell me that the refund would be deposited into my account today, and so it was.

10/10 for PC world. My first port-of-call for my next laptop will be the above mentioned shop:)

Just wish HP could sort out the touch buttons, because other than that, it was a laptop and a half


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