Should my PC run nVidia Geforce or ATI Radeon?

  crownabhisek 06:12 03 Sep 2009

I've the following PC Specs:
(1) Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 Processor.
(2) Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 Motherboard i.e. with Intel X48 Chipset.
(3) 2GB DDR3 RAM.
(4) 450W PSU.
(5) SATA 160GB HDD.

The Gigabyte motherboard i mentioned has specified in its specification that it "Supports ATI CrossFireX with Dual PCI-E 2.0 x16 graphics for extreme gaming performance". Does that mean, "nVidia Geforce/nForce" GPU can't run to its full potential, but an "ATI Radeon" GPU can?

So, i thought of adding an ATI GPU card which might result in more compatibility than adding an nVidia GPU card. Will there be any case of nVidia GPU of not running to its full potential?

Should my PC run a "nVidia" GPU? OR it should run an "ATI Radeon" GPU? Which one is perfect?

Specification Websites:
click here --Intel Core2Quad Q8400
click here --Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6
click here --ATI Radeon HD4350 GPU

Please reply ASAP.
Thank you.

  gazzaho 08:01 03 Sep 2009

I'm no expert but I would guess the board will support any graphics card. The CrossFireX is only applicable if you intend to use two graphics cards at once. I'm not so sure if it applies to the cards that have two graphics cores built in though, for instance would my NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2, which has 2 cores work with it even though it uses only one PCI-E socket? My guess is that it would as two PCI-E sockets aren't being used, but it's only my guess.

If you're planning to use two graphics cards then I would guess your best bet would be the ATI route as NVIDIA's SLI doesn't seem to be supported. If you're planning on using one card then either make would, I presume, work. Why not email Gigabyte and ask their opinion?

  crownabhisek 09:45 03 Sep 2009

If I use ATI GPU, then it has some of restrictions for using dual GPUs (CrossFireX). I've to use exactly the same kind of another ATI Radeon.

But probably, there is no such restrictions for using 2 nVidia GPUs (SLI).

But to my (un)luck, my motherboard specifies that it "Supports ATI CrossFireX with Dual PCI-E 2.0 x16 graphics for extreme gaming performance".

  sunnystaines 10:07 03 Sep 2009

I moved to ATI after ten years of nvidia due to continued driver update problems.

  sonyboy 10:42 03 Sep 2009

Your mobo should support ATI /Nvidia without any issues..The main thing that springs to mind is just how much variation there is in the size of the various graphics cards' Circuit board dimensions etc; and also the actual space they take up beyond the PCI-E slots!
Before you make your purchase..I've found it handy to check just what the card may be close to in the way of hard drive protrusions and cabling etc;
I notice your HD is SATA so the cables shouldn't be a problem.
It's just a thought that I thought I'd pass on as I've had to return Graphics cards in the past simply because I didn't check that they were too tight a fit to make for a satisfactory installation!

  cap46 13:59 03 Sep 2009

If your motherboard is a gigabyte check out gigabytes website, motherboard and support, you can search for your motherboard on there. I have a gigabyte mobo that supports ATI CrossfireX. This means it will only support ATI RADEON cards, not NVIDIA Geforce there version of crossfire is called SLI.You should also checkout AMD's website, as there are links to the ati ccc & drivers downloads. There is also a tab on AMD GAME website that says ATI CrossfireX, click on this and it takes you to a page that shows you all the radeon graphics cards that are compatible with each other in crossfire mode

  crownabhisek 14:15 03 Sep 2009

Are you sure? Check out.

As of my knowledge, our local shops only have nVidia Geforce graphics cards but don't have any nVidia chipsets. They only have Intel Chipsets, neither AMD! So probably the nVidia card could run in my PC.

*I'm interested in buying online.

  cap46 14:29 03 Sep 2009

ATI CrossFireX
With support for ATI CrossFireX, GIGABYTE pushes the envelope once again by delivering highly optimized performance and flexibility demanded by power users and extreme gaming enthusiasts. Designed to provide unmatched multi-GPU support with dual PCI Express connectivity, the GA-X48T-DQ6 allows users to take advantage of the ultra smooth 3D rendering, blazing-fast frame rates and enhanced visual quality possible with a dual graphics card solution.

Attention: When attempting to enable ATI CrossfireX Technology on this board. In case of unable to get Crossfire Technology working normally, please make sure to use ATI graphic cards that have hardware Crossfire bridge. (Please refer to ATI official website for more Crossfire Technology supporting details: ( click here) This is info about your mobo on gigabyte website

  mrwoowoo 14:49 03 Sep 2009

"it will only support ATI RADEON cards"...err,i think not. If you expand that statement to add "in crossfire mode" that that would be different.
All boards support Nvidia or ATI cards singularly.But they either support crossfire or SLI.
If you just want to run one card,then you can have either Nvidia or ATI.
With a 450w PSU be aware that ATI cards tend to require more power and 450w is around the limit for most middle end cards.

  crownabhisek 15:16 03 Sep 2009

I want to use my PC mainly for 3Ds Max, Maya 3D, and some newer Action pack games like GTA4, Matrix, Godfather 2, etc.

Is "nVidia" GPU perfect for these Games & Apps?


"ATI Radeon HD4350" GPU is more perfect for them?

*Where can I refer, to know about which games support which GPUs or don't support which GPUs?

+Please don't ask me to refer to the Game website. Provide some other website where I can know about them all.

  sonyboy 18:53 03 Sep 2009

This might be of here

its one of the better comprehensive lists of loads of cards..Might just help you!

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