should my new pc [windows xp se] be this slow

  havent a clue 10:29 09 Feb 2005

l just got a new wireless pc[windows xp] at christmas when on the internet, sites take forever to load, can this be right.

  SANTOS7 10:35 09 Feb 2005


  toni b 10:48 09 Feb 2005

You dont say what connection you have.Do you have a fast connection or dial up?

  SANTOS7 10:52 09 Feb 2005

Sorry H a C but your question deserved only the simplest of answers as Toni b has suggested you have given no relevant info to your problem

  Diodorus Siculus 10:54 09 Feb 2005

a - how do you connect? Dial up? If so, hold mouse over it and see what connection speed shown.

b - what broswer do you use?

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