Should Music be on separate hard drive?

  wint 18:59 03 Mar 2008


A question I have wondered about for ages & a rebuild of my PC forces the question.

By default, music gets recorded or ripped to My Music folder in My docs.

Do the many thousands of files making up the 90GB in the folder make a difference to a PC performance?

Would there be a difference in boot-up or general searching without all those files to wade through? Would there be a difference if either the music folder was on my 2nd drive or even a new partition of the C drive??

Thanks for any responses.


  PA28 19:04 03 Mar 2008

Depends on the size of your drive and whether you defrag it regularly. If you have plenty of space and do defrag, I don't think you'll notice much difference.

I have lots of photos, which I do keep on a second hard drive. But that's more for security than performance.

  Shortstop 19:04 03 Mar 2008

Personally, all my music is located on my second drive - along with the My Documents folder. It means never having to re-install them if I need a full format or worrying about losing documents due to my habitual tinkering. Oobviously, the folder is regularly backed up to an external USB hard drive, just as a "belt & braces" thing.

Is there any increase in speed in loading Windows? Not really, but at least all my main hard drive is not being gobbled up by something that can sit elsewhere perfectly well.



  martjc 19:11 03 Mar 2008 a matter of choice. Windows doesn't need to examine all your files on bootup. Though it does make sense to put them on another drive if there are lots of them. And 90 GB qualifies as lots!

Where they are has no bearing on boot time.

  wint 19:13 03 Mar 2008

PA28 & Shortstop, 2 x 250GB SATAs, 3.2AMD Athlon, 1 GB RAM. Yes I do a defrag fairly regularly and auto backup to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.

I suppose it makes little difference then.


  Gongoozler 19:13 03 Mar 2008

I follow the same system as Shortstop. I have on many occasions been pleased that I have done so. The fact that I can easily reformat my C: drive and reinstall everything means that I don't need to worry unduly about mucking up my Windows installation when I'm experimenting - which I often do.

  peter99co 19:17 03 Mar 2008

I keep all my music on ext hard drive and a copy of my Pops on a Media Drive which connect to the TV. I do exactly the same with my Photographs and this allows me to bore my relatives with Slideshows on their TV as well.

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