Should I worry about WEP?

  dagbladet 15:10 19 Oct 2005

Following on from a comment made on another thread I'm slightly uneasy about my home wireles network.
1 PC, 1 laptop, D-link 604T router (thanks Taff36). I have WEP set up. Should I switch to WPA? Is it easy? slower? drain on resources? Could I tell if someone was on my network?

  retep888 17:10 19 Oct 2005

Don't think you have to worry too much about it once you've got WEP setup at least.

Is it easy to setup WPA? That depends on how well your router's manual instructions.(Sorry, don't know much about your router) And also you've to make sure all your hardwares and softwares are up to date.

To tell whether anyone else on my network without my permission(which I very much doubt it), I normally check the wireless LED on the router to see if it's still blinking with all my PCs turned off or look into the router's web page for IP addresses. Wait for other more technically minded member to tell you more.

On a netgear DG834GT really really easy!

  dagbladet 21:14 19 Oct 2005

well I'd better get one then!

'fraid you just missed the offer of the century on it! I read lots of reviews and they were either "Brilliant" or "Dire". I went for it as it was being offered at £53 delivered including a USB 108 mbps adapter from Amazon. The important thing is to use he stand provided so it doesn't get too hot and update the firmware if necessary (mine came with latest firmware though!) It was a dream to set up, including WEP or WPA!

  Taff36 23:15 20 Oct 2005

Is the D-Link going cheap then Dagbladet? ("one careful owner", slightly used, bargain at .....)

Seriously though I haven`t ever tried setting up WPA myself on these routers. I think I`ll have a go over the weekend and post back my experience for you - complete with one of my guides.

Does the D-Link pick up neighbouring signals from other wifi routers or are you paranoid about something? You can check in the D-Link to see who`s using the router anyway. Go to the Advanced Tab and select LAN clients and they`ll be listed there.

  BigMoFoT 15:23 21 Oct 2005

the same wireless router as you and I use WPA - A lot easier to set up, you don't need to choose cipher lengths, 64 bit, 128 bit etc. There is just one passphrase needed. With the encryption being stronger it will use up more bandwidth but it isn't noticeable at home locations. WEP is not as secure but you should only worry about this if your neighbour is a devious so and so!

One other thing to make that router extra secure is to turn off the broadcast SSID - this means other people won't even be able to see if your wifi network exists! Good little routers those Dlink ones imho!

If you do use WPA I would recommend XP SP2 as it seems to be a bit more stable. WPA is not supported on W2K!

  Big_cda 17:42 21 Oct 2005

Not supported on W2K? Presume you mean for that router?

I use a Linksys WRT54g and the related Linksys laptop card (older version from ebay) and run WPA with no problems on a W2k laptop.

  Taff36 08:04 22 Oct 2005

Before I start then can you give me a quick guide to the settings on the WPA set up page for the D-Link and an example passphrase. TIA.

  dagbladet 10:58 22 Oct 2005

Thanks all.

Apologies if my tongue was too far in my cheek. I am delighted with the D-link. It was a doddle to set up and works fine. Up to now I have it set up with WEP. After reading on another thread that WEP is easily hacked, I simply wondered about the merits or otherwise of WPA which I know nothing about. Debe thanks for the info on the netgear. Taff let me know how you get on with the setup.

Dag (who has a D-LINK 604T)

  BigMoFoT 00:40 23 Oct 2005


WPA isn't natively supported under W2K - I know that for a fact, I'm presuming that your Linksys software compensates for this....

Taff36 - on the secuirty settingunder the wireless tab, choose WPA and then choose PSK String. This is the passphrase and is essentialy your password or 'key'. Apply and reboot the router...

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