Should I use this Registry Cleaner ?

  timothywilliam 15:15 01 Dec 2007

Several months ago I purchased Acronis 10 True Image as a Back-Up. I have a five year old computer with XP, about 25GB used mainly photos and text/charts of a research type , one Flight Simulator game on a 40GB hard disk. Acronis have now sent me a test Registry Cleaner programme which shows I have 727 errors in the Registry most of which are 'invalid paths'. I have no idea whether this is good, bad, or indifferent. The computer works perfectly although I suspect it is slowing down and chugging along a bit these days (rather like me.) As a great believer in the maxim 'if it ain't broken don't fix it' would you advise me spending some fifteen punds on purchasing this programme, or leaving well alone ?

  VoG II 15:25 01 Dec 2007

I wouldn't buy it.

If you want a registry cleaner (free) click here

  mfletch 15:37 01 Dec 2007


As VoG says why pay for one?

Also have a look at this one click here

It always makes a backup before fixing anything


  sunny staines 16:19 01 Dec 2007

I use the two mentioned by vog and mfletch never had any errors with them on default settings.

  SANTOS7 16:26 01 Dec 2007

click here

best bit of kit i've bought in ages..

  MAJ 16:32 01 Dec 2007

.........Best registry cleaner of all and it's free as well......... backup data, format drive and reinstall Windows.

  timothywilliam 17:26 01 Dec 2007

Fantastic response. Thanks to all,

  Arnie 19:23 01 Dec 2007

Built-in registry backup with backup up dates and times.

  cocteau48 19:35 01 Dec 2007

In the current issue of a certain fortnightly computer magazine ( better not mention the name on the forum !) you can get a download of Registry Mechanic 6 - the one mentioned by Santos7 although not the most up to date version which is Reg Mechanic 7 - with a one year free licence. I have used Reg Mechanic 5 for over a year with never a hiccup.

  RWest 20:23 01 Dec 2007

I'm setting up a website; it would be nice to have a donations feature for the extremely rare people who might want to donate. (Or I could test out getting people to pay for info).

With all the hype I'd assumed Paypal must be easy to set up; but as is common, the explanations carefully avoid the tricky bits.

[1] Does anyone know if you can keep a balance on Paypal? They seem to want (for me to pay someone online) to debit my bank account and simultaneously credit the other person's account. I'm not really happy with this and would prefer to keep a balance as with any ordinary account. But they don't seem to allow this - their wording is evasive (f*ck these people - why can't they be clear).

[2] Can people WITHOUT a paypal account pay money to my Paypal account (if I get one) in a fairly simple way - I'd guess giving a credit card or debit card number to a secure paypal site? Simple enough question, but again it's hard to cut through the PR bullshit.

[3] How does it actually show up on a site; the ones I've seen using this technique have an inappropriate form (quantity/ price per unit) and another click through apparently to paypal - it's unclear whether the user has to click to Paypal or not bother.

Best regards!

  andysacks 20:35 29 Oct 2008

Even though i see that the issue has already been resolved I would like to suggest a RegistryCleaner that I have personally used and am very satisfied with:
<a href="click here">PC-Kitchen's RegistryCleaner</a>

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