Should I use old memory?

  leighparry 21:09 05 Jan 2006

I'm building a new system and have become stuck with the following problem. In a new mobo config (MSI K8MM-V) I will have a new PC3200 512MB ram stick, I would like to know if i should also use an older PC2700 512MB stick I've got, or just the new one on it's own until I can get another PC3200 stick. Would the older one slow the system down noticably or will the extra mem make up for any speed deficit?

I will be getting two 1GB sticks in amonth or two, so this will only be temporary situation.

Thanks in advance

  AndySD 21:16 05 Jan 2006

What processor?

  leighparry 21:17 05 Jan 2006

The processor is a Sempron 2800+

  User-312386 21:18 05 Jan 2006

Try it in the board

If the computer does not like it then you will know

  leighparry 21:20 05 Jan 2006

According to mobo specs it should work, I'm just trying to find out what speed difference ther will be with or without it, if any. Also if the extra mem will outweigh any speed loss.

  AndySD 21:25 05 Jan 2006

It should work but run at the speed of the slower ram, since the 2700 is the slower and runs at the same speed as the processor fsb you should see an extra spped gain from the extra memory.

  leighparry 21:29 05 Jan 2006

I'm just going to have to run some tests,
zipping a large folder, mp3'ing some wavs etc., and encode an AVI, to get some benchmarks and then do same again with the older stick in to see the difference.

Any other real world tests i could do?

  AndySD 21:39 05 Jan 2006
  Sharpamatt 21:53 05 Jan 2006

Posting on two seperate forums will only confuse the answers, suggest you resolve one to close it and stick to this one

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