Should I share my neighbours Wi-Fi network

  Esc4p3 09:16 09 Aug 2007

My neighbour has offered to let me share his broadband by means of me picking up his wi-fi signal. He reckons I would be able to pick the signal up easily (I am on dial-up). He has a 4mb unlimited download service with BT, I think.

I am minded to take up his offer, but I have a couple of concerns.
1) will his family be able to access my PC at all. For instance I know his son does some online gaming in the evening, and a bit of music downloading, but what if he downloads loads of viruses, or could they view my files?
2) He said he did not want any payment, and I could share the connection 'at will'. He did ask whether I was likely to be downloading films at all hours of the day, but all I am likely to do is simple web browsing and windows/security updates.

Should I accept his offer with open arms?

  Fawaz 09:59 09 Aug 2007

I'm not too sure, but I don't think they can access your PC unless you give permission and they won't be able to view your files. They will be able to know when you are using the wireless connection and for how long you've been using it. I'm not too sure to be honest, but i'd accept the offer. You don't 'have' to use it.

You might have trouble picking up the signal, depending on how far you are from the router and how many walls are in the way.

  mgmcc 11:18 09 Aug 2007

To do so would be a blatant breach by your neighbour of his ISP's Terms & Conditions. Connecting without his knowledge would be illegal.

  Esc4p3 08:50 10 Aug 2007

The sharing will be with my neighbour's knowledge, and he offered in the first place. It seems from what Fawaz said they will know when I am on line, so it won't be without their knowledge exactly.....

So what do ISP's T&C's state then?

  setecio 22:53 14 Aug 2007

Depends how good the son is at hacking. If you connect then your computer is on their network, so they can try ... if they are good they could do anything with it.

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