cantabile 21:28 13 Oct 2004

Help! have just bought new Axis KD3 (Athlon 64) from Evesham with 160GB hard drive. My old PC has C drive 2GB (aarg) with remainder on D. Is it a good idea to partition the new hard drive before I start loading data/programs on? and if so, how? there is loads of stuff about FAT 16, 32 and NTFS and I dont know which way to turn. Obviously easier to just leave it alone with software installed, but then if I want to do it later it will be a nightmare! So, folks, pros and cons please....

thanks ;-) cantabile

  powerless 21:35 13 Oct 2004

NTFS with such a high capacity drive.

I would partition it and to do that when you install XP create a partition [any size you want] and then allow XP to install.

Then in XP [once installed] click, start, run, type: diskmgmt.msc and click ok.

You can make new and format partitions from here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:43 13 Oct 2004

As Above

Always a good idea to have your Op system and data files on different partions. Can format and reinstall / upgrade op system without losing data files.

  accord 21:53 13 Oct 2004

my 160 GB drive is partitioned into 3 x 50ish GB partitions where i keep my music, my videos and my updates. OS is on my original 40GB drive.

  VoG II 21:57 13 Oct 2004

Can somebody give me a good reason for partitioning a drive?

  stalion 22:00 13 Oct 2004

Hi and no

  JonnyTub 22:04 13 Oct 2004


  cantabile 00:26 14 Oct 2004

Thanks for responding so fast! Powerless especially, that is helpful as it sounds as though I don't have to reinstall xp.

So far, reasons for partitioning from friends:

*good housekeeping, keep data and programs and OS separate
*if you have to reinstall OS later you do not have to do programs and data as well
*can use one drive to back up others to (until it fills up!)
*can defrag one bit of the large drive at a time


*why change original OEM configuration, surely they know what they are doing?
*no limit on "C" by keeping one big drive

will have a go at disk management! Oh, will I have to rename CD and DVD drives?

thanks! 8)

  powerless 00:57 14 Oct 2004

The drive as it is now will not allow itself to be partitoned - XP will put a stop to that.

To be able to create partitions using disc management you would need to reinstall XP. XP does not have the ability to split, resize exsisting partitions. There is Partition Magic that can do this but it costs.

You can change drive letters to optical drive as well partitions in disk managment.

  powerless 01:04 14 Oct 2004

It's a personal thing.

For backup etc... a second physical drive is needed IMO ...a partition [on the same drive] just don't cut it.

  ventanas 08:35 14 Oct 2004

A number of pssible reasons I suppose. I have a small partiton (5gb)on the main drive just to run Photoshop's scratch disc. I also have a second 60gb drive split into three. One holds Ghost backups, another DriveImage. (Paranoid am I not). The remainder for general storage.

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