should i overclock

  TCTOPCAT 17:10 19 Jun 2004

I have Amd athlon 1800+, 512 ddrmb ram, 256 fx5600 gefrocre card, Windows ME. Could you please tell me how to overclock and if you think it is a good idea for my computer.

  ste_bla 17:14 19 Jun 2004

what speed/make ram & make/model of mobo are needed..

And its only a good idea to O'C if you need it as it will shorten product life span..

Not sure about ME & OC as ME seems to be a unstable OS reading some stories..

Post back with mobo & ram details

  neghness 17:15 19 Jun 2004

why do you think that you need to overclock?
is the computer running slow or something? with a 1800+ you shouldn't really need to overclock, especillay with 512 RAM, and a 256Mb graphics card. personnaly i shouldn't see any reason to do so, but post some more info as to why you think you should do.

  carver 18:17 19 Jun 2004

If you want to overclock start with the graphic card, try this click here it's easy to use and you should not have any problems as long as you do things slowly. Don't try to overclock the CPU because apart from benchmarks you will not notice any difference but you should get an improvement from the graphics card.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:26 19 Jun 2004

You only ever need to overclock if you are mad into playing games and the advantages are dubious and the disadvantages are costly...then again you would have a much better rig if you were an avid gamer ;-)))))


  Totally-braindead 19:13 19 Jun 2004

I'd never even try it, too risky to my nice PC. But of course its up to you. If you try it and screw it up I suppose you could use your PC as a plant holder.

  GRFT 08:24 20 Jun 2004

I have the same CPU as you and I have also been toying with the idea of overclocking, mainly on the strength of an article in a weekly PC magazine. It would appear that overclocking is now something of a mania - a fetish. People are more interested in benchmarks than performance in their efforts to get up the league table. My +1800 runs at 11.5x133 = 1.53mHz. I didn't do anything other than increase the multiplier in steps to only 13 before the system hung. So I just forgot all about it. If I want an increase in performance I'll probably just upgrade the CPU to a +2500

Overclocking and gaming, Gandalf, i am curious to your 'the advantages are dubious' statement.

I have overclocked a Radeon 9600 card, after adding a new heat sink and fan, using AtiTool. The performance increase whilst playing a game such as Far Cry is noticable and very real.

More importantly if you have a card such as a 9700, 2 of the pipelines have been disabled by ATI to de-throttle the card to fit the lower spec market, with some very simple software you can change that configuration back to pro status. Thus saving yourself about £100.

As for whether you should do it, i totally personal choice based on your use and needs. Do make sure you are aware of the risks though, if my VC goes up in smoke thats the risk i have taken and won't come here crying about ATi quality!!

If you pursue that route, do a google search, some very good sites out there that will talk you through.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:18 20 Jun 2004

'Amd athlon 1800+, 512 ddrmb ram, 256 fx5600 geforce card'...I feel that overclocking would not help this system in any way;-))

A couple of my friends are well into gaming ($900 worth of nitrogen cooling and 4Gb RAM fiends)and I still maintain that the 'advantages' of overclocking are a bit like the emperor's new clothes, perceived rather than real. having watched them overclocking, fine tuning etc., I'm sure a sharper mind and faster reactions are much more important.


Gandalf - at that sort of level i would totally agree, those guys are the sort who buy cars that can go at 240mph-impressive but ultimatley pointless.

What i am saying is that if you have a 'budget'graphics card, say sub £100, overclocking it can make huge improvements to gameplay. Turns a high end game from playable to enjoyable. With the imminent arrival of Half Life 2 and Doom, lots of people with systems that dont quiet cut the mustard will see overclocking as a great option to buying a new 9800 pro card for like £200.

Horses for courses.

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