Should I leave my UPS on

  johnincrete 17:10 10 Oct 2011

To protect against power cuts, I bought a UPS. No mention is made in the instructions about whether, when I switch off the computer, I should switch of the power supply or leave it on. I have no idea how these devices work so I don't know if they need to be left on.

  Woolwell 17:13 10 Oct 2011

I usually switch mine off. When on the battery is charging.

  Batch 13:34 11 Oct 2011

There's no benefit in leaving it switched on and it will use a small amount of power (you'll probably find that the casing is slightly warm), so best to switch off.

FYI, these units usually use a 12V sealed lead acid battery (similar to those used as battery back-ups in burglar alarm systems). The batteries are readily available (e.g. TLC Direct) and may need replacing every 5 years or so).

  johnincrete 17:39 11 Oct 2011

Thanks all Will switch it off

  wee eddie 22:51 11 Oct 2011

I have found no real reason to switch the UPS off. My APC ES700, does not get noticeably warm, even when it's been on for weeks or the PC and it's peripherals running for 12, or more, hours.

I'm sure that, even when it's quiescent, a small current is used, but turning the current off, will increase the drain on the CMOS Battery, which will shorten it's life.

  wiz-king 08:23 12 Oct 2011

It also depends on what you have the UPS running, if you have your router running on the UPS it might be better to leave it on.

  rdave13 09:12 12 Oct 2011

Wasn't there a post about this a long time ago? Something about the battery. Someone said it should be continuously trickle fed to keep it fully charged. If you keep discharging and charging it reduces the life of the battery. I've always left it on.

  robin_x 11:16 12 Oct 2011

Yes Lead acid batteries should be kept fully charged.

If anything was draining the battery, while UPS off, eg a router or even a shutdown PC or laptop it reduces the lifetime.

To be sure of 'no drain', turn connected equipment off at socket. Older PSUs may be drawing up to 10W. Newer PSUs is usually < 1W.

  Woolwell 11:25 12 Oct 2011

When my UPS is off it doesn't provide power so how can there be a drain?

The UPS has 4 sockets at the back. The PC, Monitor, etc are connected to it. So I shut down, PC, shut down UPS, and then switch off at mains.

  robin_x 11:31 12 Oct 2011

Good point. If it shuts down when off, then immaterial.

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