Should I keep my laptop or invest in a Pc for gaming?

  BobRob13 14:26 17 Aug 2011

Now I know from all the 'Googling' i've been doing, the laptop is probably not the best idea, but since i'm new to this ('this' being computing beyond the on/off switch and firefox in general) I'm being optimistic.

I only bought my laptop about 4 months ago for my birthday since my old one was becoming garbage due to me not giving it the care it needed, both physically and internally, although i'm still adamant that me dropping it had nothing to do with the loose battery socket or any other dents and abnormalities. Anyway I use the 'can you run it' tool ( a lot, in the misguided hope that someday my computer will be able to magically play games somehow, and i'm tired of that and so i'm going to do something about it... or try atleast.

It tells me with most games my only problem is the graphics card, although i'm still sceptic about that and think the rest will be just as inadequate. Bare in mind i've only checked for games such as star wars Kotor 1&2 (Old time favourites, don't judge me) and oblivion and fallout. I even checked to see if Cod: Black ops and crysis 2 would work and it was the same, just a rubbish graphics card apparently which I find hard to believe considering from what i've read that they are some of the most high end games out there and since i've done all the things I can manually to make my laptop run faster and it still struggles to play Minecraft on Full settings without being jumpy.

I don't have enough money at the minute to get said PC, but from my novice research I'm guessing about £600 would be suffice?, so if I decide to do that I could get it in a few months. I would be extremely reluctant to pay more as I don't have a job since i'm 16 and going to college, and i'm on the fence about paying this much as it is. I'll stop blathering now, heres my laptop specs:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67GHz 2.67GHz

Ram: 4.00GB (3.67GB usable)

OS: Windows 7 Home premium

Graphics card: Intel(R) HD graphics

HDD: 500GB (455 usable (72 used))

Apart from gaming theres not much else I want to do, modding perhaps if I become relativly good at using a computer, I've always wanted to do that.

I think thats it, isn't it? So as i've said i'm looking for advice really, if it is possible for me to be able to play games such as, I don't know Skyrim when it comes out, on my laptop in reality and not just my dreams, that would be great, if not i'll sell some junk, get a part time job and donate some sperm and hopefully have a Pc before november without getting my parents in debt then that would also be magnificent?

If there's anything else i've missed just tell me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  lotvic 15:17 17 Aug 2011

My Advice is: do not donate some sperm and do not get your parents or yourself in debt

  BobRob13 15:46 17 Aug 2011

Alright then, on a serious note i'll change my decision to use sperm donation and risk My parents welfare, and just use the normal money making methods.

  gengiscant 17:36 17 Aug 2011

Decent gaming laptop is going to set you back well over a grand, and £600 pound for a gaming PC can be done but for that sort of money you would need to build it yourself. You say you would like to get into modding,you have to know how to put one together before you can start that.

I have been building a while and love it,I get just what I want and I have learnt so much in the years I have been doing it.

If you want a hand putting a list of components together,give me a shout.

  BobRob13 17:50 17 Aug 2011

I intended to build it myself just after watching a lot of video's and reading up on how to do it; the help with getting a list of components would be great if you don't mind. Thanks.

  gengiscant 18:23 17 Aug 2011

Will get on to it tomorrow, I must admit looking for the right components is great fun. I love it.

Now I assume that you will want to stay as close to the £600 or less, but will it have to include a monitor,keyboard, mouse and operating system?

  BobRob13 19:08 17 Aug 2011

Staying close to the £600 mark would be beneficial, if neccessary I Could put more to it if I can or just wait longer before getting it.

As for the other four, unless I really need good ones I could find an old temporary mouse or keyboard somewhere. I would need an OS. The moniter, well it depends, Whenever I watch a movie or something I connect my laptop up to my TV, would that be possible with the PC so I can spend more on the hardware, that way I could just get a moniter later on or something and have a better system.

  gengiscant 08:42 18 Aug 2011

Yes you can connect your PC to the TV, one of mine is solely connected to the TV,this I use for DVD's recording Freeview streaming my videos and music.

Keyboard and mouse a cheapo will do until you can upgrade to something a little better.

I'll post a list later today.

  gengiscant 11:53 18 Aug 2011

List 1:

Windows 7 you can get from here as you are a student I know it says upgrade but you can get round that by installing either Vista or XP then installing Windows 7 over the top.

Coolermaster Elite 430 Black Mid Tower Computer Case £35.39

AMD CPU Phenom II X4 840 Quad Core Processor £74.21

Asus M4A88T-M AMD 880G AM3 Motherboard £62.26

Corsair Memory XMS3 Classic 4GB DDR3 1600 £24.19

Powercool 450W Modular Power Supply £35.15

500GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive x 2 £56.86

LiteOn SATA DVDRW £13.99

XFX HD 6870 Black Edition £140.02

Total £442.07

Plus about £20 postage

All these are from Scan computing who I tend to use because of their excellent customer service and large choice. As we are well below budget you can add a keyboard and mouse and even a monitor if you wanted.

Anyway have a look, go to Scan Computing see if you want to change. I have no doubt others here will suggest alternatives.

  BobRob13 15:54 18 Aug 2011

Okay i'll go have a look now.

Is there room for improvement, i've seen people talking about adding new graphics card later on and stuff, so I mean is it just as easy to take things out and add new things as the tecnology gets better? And ultimatly, will this be able to play games such as skyrim, and other games I decide not to buy on my console.

OS: The windows 7 part, does that mean I should buy windows xp/vista first, then buy this student version?

Case: Is what case you get primarily dependent on how it looks and how good it is at keeping the system cool?

Processor: This is rather important from what I can tell so would it be worth putting more money towards a better one of these?

Motherboard: I have no idea about these what so ever so i'll just nod and accept it.

Ram: I do know a bit more about ram than anything else, but still not a lot. 4gb is what I have on my computer but since they're is two does it effect performance at all, negatively or positively?

PSU: don't know anything about this again, but the power is 450w, I read somewhere (don't have a clue where) that said you need over 550w for a certain game atleast so would I need a more powerful one?

HDD: No problem with, seem's enough for me.

Dvd RW: would I ever need a better one of these? I don't see what a more costly one could do for me really?

Graphics card: this is the thing that seems the most important in relation to gaming and at £140 I'm guessing it must be good, although Nvidia gets argued to be the best is it worth getting on of them? would that be compatible anyway? I know nothing.

I had a quick look the other night at a few moniters, such as now I'm not getting that because it's from america, but just as an example for whether I should go for something like that? Bigger is better after all in most cases so should I go for a bigger one, I mean mainly i'm switching to PC gaming for things like graphics, accesibility all the positives and so I want to really get the most out of the graphics, just so everything looks nice.

Also I found this last night, and it's a tiny bit cheaper overall which isn't why I chose it but because it has 500w rather, not much but it might be since I don't have a clue. Thanks again.

  gengiscant 17:38 18 Aug 2011

Lets try and answer your questions as you have posed them.

Windows 7 All you need to do is borrow a XP/Vista disk and then install it using the COA number from the person you borrowed the disk from, it doesn't really matter as soon as you have installed XP you are then going to install Windows 7, either that or you can spend £70+ for a full version.

CPU If you go here CPU then click on the CPU support list scroll down nearer the bottom and price which ever one you fancy. to make it easier have a look here. Scan

PSU Games will have no bearing on the power supply other than the graphics card will need more, up it to 500W if you want to but I can assure you it is not needed. But remember do not go for a high power crap PSU, if it blows it will take much of your pc with it,always get a decent make.

HDD'S I have included 2 as opposed to 1 big one as it makes sense to have one as a back up should the other fail.

Graphics card I have always used ATI cards so tend to lean towards them, but by all means choose a Nvidia card any of the modern ones will fit you board.

Use this site to run comparisons: Check or this site GPU 1 or this GPU 2 select your card then price it.

Monitors Take your pick. Monitor

You did not post a link to what you found with the 500W PSU.

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