Should I have Windows reinstalled?

  Nikkij 21:41 06 Feb 2009

My PC has been refusing to accept a few pieces of hardware that I have tried to install (details below) and a guy local to me, whose number I picked up from a newsagents window has taken a look and said that reinstalling windows may cure the problem but he didn't seem terribly sure. Any advice from someone else would be good as I don't know him, I'm not sure that I can trust this guy.

Issues -
Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse - keyboard installed fine and works well and has done for the best part of probably 3 years, the mouse has never been installed I just get the error message 'cyclic redundancy check'

More importantly my new Canon Ixus 80 camera - pc doesn't recognise that it is there at all, when it is connected, its not in my computer, new hardware wizard doesn't open neither does windows scanner and camera wizard. No joy either when I install the Canon software. However all is well on my pc at work so the issue is defo with the pc not the camera, I have tried different cables. (my old camera ixus 500 is recognised and all software opens as expeceted)

Thankyou for any advice

  Nikkij 21:44 06 Feb 2009

Sorry I should also have said that at times the pc doesn't start properly and asks for the boot disk, although if rebooted without the disk it starts perfectly well.

  brundle 21:58 06 Feb 2009

'cyclic redundancy check' is sounds more like a HD or optical drive error - if your system looks for the .inf file (which describes new hardware and lists driver files it needs) and encounters a disk error then you should check your drive with a manufacturer's diagnostic.

; HD diagnostics
click here
click here
click here

There is a registry entry which can prevent Windows installing new devices, disabling it can alleviate the problem, however, having just re-installed Windows XP on a system with similar symptoms there must be something underlying the issue which a simple registry edit might not solve.

If you'd like to check it out, start regedit (start menu/run, type regedt32, press return), navigate to

If the entry


is present and its value is 1, change it to 0 and reboot your PC.

If that key is not present at all then you can discount that as a cause.

  brundle 22:01 06 Feb 2009

The startup issues suggest hard-drive problems too, or a power supply that needs replacing, or the cheapest and simplest answer - loose or faulty cables or connections.

  brundle 22:09 06 Feb 2009

Check the Plug & Play service is running and set to Automatic.

Start menu/run, type


press return.

  Nikkij 12:15 09 Feb 2009

Thank you for the suggestions, but neither were an isue the plug and play was set to automatic and the FactoryPreInstallInProgress had a value of 0.

Its a shame that I can't use the camera directly plugged to the PC but have now purchased a card reader so at least I can download the photos!

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