Should I have partitioned HDD

  GBL 16:57 27 Oct 2005

When I installed the 80gig HDD should I have partitioned it??
What are the benefits??

What size should I have gone for??

Now that I have problems with the operation system I am thinking that I should have partitioned the drive and put the OS in one partition and the programs etc in the rest.
Would all the drivers etc have gone onto that section automatically??

My thinking is that all I need to have done now would be format the partition with the OS in and reinstall, then all other data would be preserved. Am I correct??

Next if I copy what I need to save onto a DVD can I copy back onto the HDD later??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:04 27 Oct 2005

There is no point in partitioning a HD if you are using XP and even lesspoint if you have valuable info on the HD. If there is a real problem and the disk goes kaboom! then you are well and truly up the proverbial creek. Buy an external HD (around ?45 for a 40Gb one) and use this as backup or to store a drive image. Partitioning is soooooo twentieth century;-))


  GBL 18:13 27 Oct 2005

I had thought about a second HDD, I think the smallest now is about a 40 gig and cost around ?30.00, then I could move stuff over and then format etc.
This brings another question on how do I save emails etc from Outlook ES.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:50 27 Oct 2005
  GBL 19:36 27 Oct 2005

Thanks will give it a whirl.

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