should I have a DNS??

  phil2816 23:37 02 Sep 2006

Recently an IntelliTXT Advertisement is shown over underlined words on somewebsites..anyone know how to stop this?

Should I have a DNS, if so which ones are good? Pro's and Cons etc! Thanks

  silverous 23:56 02 Sep 2006

I always thought the intellitxt ads were part of this site?

Is that related to your DNS question?

What makes you ask?

DNS is the "Domain Name System" on the internet. It is like a phone book if you like, i.e. you type in and your PC then asks its DNS Server (defined in your network connection or your router or somewhere) for the IP address which corresponds to that DNS.

So you don't really 'have' a DNS. Your ISP has a DNS server. You can have a domain NAME e.g. but that's not a DNS.

Can you give some more background as to why you think you might need "a DNS" ?

  silverous 00:02 03 Sep 2006

Click here also for definitions of DNS:

click here

  silverous 00:02 03 Sep 2006

Sorry, that link gives several. Here's the one you are looking for:

click here

  phil2816 00:02 03 Sep 2006

opk i may have wrong end of the stick then..thansk for the explanation.. I think what I mean is, can/should i get a program that stops websites gaining my ip address it works through something else..sorry i cant remember what they are called!

  woodchip 00:05 03 Sep 2006

We all have a DNS to use the net

  silverous 00:09 03 Sep 2006

Do you mean a proxy? Well the first question would be ... what are you doing that you want to hide!

If you are just going about legal business on the net there are few reasons for wanting to hide your IP address. I'm not accusing you of anything just explaining my opinion on this.

  phil2816 00:10 03 Sep 2006

haha yer thats what it is! not doing any dodgy business..i just read in a mag bout having one..and i wondered if its worth it??

  woodchip 00:30 03 Sep 2006

It can be as it can stop a lot of spam getting you path

  silverous 00:47 03 Sep 2006

woodchip I'm fairly sure that's nonsense. Browsing the web and giving out your IP address has nothing to do with spam which relates to your email address?

  phil2816 00:48 03 Sep 2006

so is proxy thingy any good to have? does anyone have one?which ones are good?

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