Should I Up-Grade or Buy Something Else?

  pgj 18:51 15 Jul 2012

I’m looking to upgrade or buy a pre-owned tower to replace my present system. At present the core of my system is (this was purchase new in January 2008): Mother board: Asus P5NESLI S775,DDR2,PCI-E,SATA2,5.1Snd,GBlan, ATX Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66Ghz LGA775. Ram: 2 x (2x1024mb) Dual Channel DDR2 667Mhz (4gb) VGA card: 512Mb nVidia GeForce 8800 GT PCI-Express. Case: AXT with 450W PSU DVD Writer: NEC AD-5200A-OB 20X+/-DVD-R Dual Layer.

In total it has 6 USB’s 2 of which are on the front of the case and my son has destroyed these by knocking them when items were plugged in etc. The DVD writer has never been much good refusing to read many disc that are read by other devices and it’d never worked well for burning either. The system also blue screens often (has done pretty much since new) have mover ram in and out but makes no difference. I also get messages whenever I plug in a USB devise telling be my USB speed in low and should be faster. I need to reinstall the operating system (W7) as everything from IE and even WE keep crashing and I need my front USB outlets back and so earlier turned to ebay to see about buying a new or second-hand case/tower to swap my system into. Then I started thinking are these parts compatible with all towers? Is my blue screen problem connected to my PSU - do I need a bigger and better one? If I’m going to replace the case, DVD writer, PSU would I just be better of purchasing a second hand higher spec tower which I could just move my hard drive into?

I have no problem with the overall speed of my system. The display is fine for what I use it for. I do want it to stop blue screening and need it to be far better in the DVD & USB department. I have also found it annoying that I was unable to extra hard drive in it that I had as there are not enough power connections. I do not play the latest games – my son dose uses it for on line kid’s games. I do quite a bit of down loading. I’m connected to Virgin Broadband 30Gb. I use it to stream media at times. So what would the experts recommend? Would I get a better spec for my budget £150/£200 second hand? If so what should I be looking out for? Or should I just upgrade what I have? I’m perfectly fine with the mechanics of fixing the system together (building). All and any help very gratefully received Emily x

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 15 Jul 2012

I have no problem with the overall speed of my system

New DVD writer less than £20

A USB hub plugged into a rear socket and brought to front would solve the front connection problems and easily replaceable if son breaks this one as well.

not enough power connections can be solved by using cable adaptors such as

PSU not cause of BSODs its normally conflicting hardware or bad drivers.

What error codes on the BSODs?

or maybe a reset to factory condition after backing up your data may do it a lot of good.

  pgj 19:58 15 Jul 2012

Thanx for the Fruit-Bat

I have tested ram and on my 3rd Hard drive so the hard ware problem would not be that. It's been happening since I had the machine so not sure waht else to try.

Would not know what to do to reset back to factory setting - any help?

I do presently use a hub from the back to the front but it need a power supplie to drive external hard drives and I still do not get a very good transfer speed. As I say whenever I plug in a USB device I get a message telling me my USB is slow.

  pgj 20:01 15 Jul 2012

Sorry psoted before finnished typing :(

I do understand about the power adaptor but just worried my 450W PSU was not big enough?

Apreciating the advice Emily x

  Ian in Northampton 20:30 15 Jul 2012

"Would not know what to do to reset back to factory setting - any help?"

If it's a brand name machine - e.g. Dell, Acer, HP - than there will be an option to restore it to its original settings (usually) either from the boot screen or via a set of supplied disks. If it's a 'no-name' box or a lesser name brand, then restoring to factory settings basically means reinstalling Windows.

From a personal perspective, if I had the problems you've described, I'd have pretty much lost faith in the PC and would give it up as a bad job - so, if I could afford to, I'd replace it. Seriously: you could spend a lot of time following Fruit Bat /\0/\'s excellent suggestions, and still have frustrations.

The question is: do you want to be talked into buying a new PC...? ;-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:58 15 Jul 2012

You have told us what's in it but not make and model, that will help with the reset if that's what you wish to do.

450w is probably good enough (would have been worried if you had said 300w) Power adaptors double one connector to make two

  pgj 21:35 15 Jul 2012

Hi guys thanks again for the help.

The machine was a custon build by a company called Eclips computers in Coventry.

I don't mind being talked into buy another machine but as I say my budget is £150/£200 and it must be able to take my current Hard drive and windows 7. :)

  robin_x 22:19 15 Jul 2012

You would have to re-install W7 for a new motherboard or OS free basic system anyway.

You can't just move your main drive over and expect it to boot with new hardware.

I would suggest you just try a Repair Install (aka In-place Upgrade) first to see if USB and BSOD problems are fixed.

This link suggests USB probs could be USB or chipset driver problem. You could try its suggestions first if you want.

This link suggests a new install shouldn't matter too much anyway re: chipset drivers and W7 (although I am not an expert on that)

You can find W7 SP1 here and make a DVD for re-install or Repair Install. Make a note of your existing License Key first.

If you fix the old system, then just buy the Y-adapter for the power for the HDD.

BACKUP ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATA BEFORE DOING ANYTHING, of course. Or a full System Image if you have space on one of your HDDs is better.

If you decide to upgrade, sorry I can't recommend anything.

  robin_x 22:29 15 Jul 2012

It's a good idea to have a backup of other drivers as well. Doubledriver will do that.

Burn to DVD or store on one of the secondary HDDs so they are easy to find if needed (and not ooverwritten)

  pgj 23:55 15 Jul 2012

Don't think my BSOD problem in OS based. When the machine first arived 4 years ago it had XP on it - it BSOD then. I updated to Visat with new 500 Gb HD 2 years ago - it still kept BSOD. Last year I istalled another new 500GB HD and new copy of windows 7 and still BSOD.

It funny you should be talking about backing up as at this time I'm backing up all the libraries to an external 500GB - it's taking forever because of the slow USB... 5 hours 82%. You watch 99% it will BSOD.

Do you think thisebay tower would be worth the money? I want to install a new 1000GB HD and install my windows 7 again.

  robin_x 00:20 16 Jul 2012

I can't say if that is a good deal/company or not.

I'll leave that for others.

Let us know tomorrow if at least your backup succeeded or failed.

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