should i get rid of Norton?

  Strawbie 13:21 03 Jul 2007

I've just bought a new Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. It also came with Norton Internet Security 2007 installed (on a 3 month licence).

In the past I have found that Norton products are a bit resource hungry so i'm wondering if I should get rid of this one too and replace it with Zonealarm and Avast Antivirus. Apart from not really wanting to pay for antivirus updates, i'm a bit concerned that my laptop is already using 60% of it's 1gb ram and I haven't installed any software yet.

Is this version of Norton as greedy as the others?

  [email protected] 13:41 03 Jul 2007

i use 2007 on my xp pc, as i have always found it to be the least resource hungry av, that offers decent protection and total compatibilty with all games updaters etc.
however they have vista issues with the last couple of m/s updates so now use kaspersky. home premium and 1gb ram i would probably go windows firewall and avast.

  Quiet Life 13:43 03 Jul 2007

I bought a new Acer laptop with Norton 2007 three months trial and ditched it after the first week for AVG free which I have run on a desktop since ditching Norton 2005. AVG is easy to configure and works for me. Norton was a constant problem I was glad to get rid of. If you do not intend to extend Norton you may as well ditch it now.

  p;3 13:59 03 Jul 2007

in my view I would not have anything of Norton on any of my machines;Norton is known to be a computer resources hogger

removal tool is

click here

for when you need it

avg is free; you may also wish to consider other non av protection within your armoury

hope that helps you to decide?

  mfletch 14:19 03 Jul 2007

If I was you I would definitely get rid of Norton,

I use Avast and Comodo firewall

Don't use Windows firewall as it is only blocks incoming and not out going,


  Pine Man 14:22 03 Jul 2007

'Don't use Windows firewall as it is only blocks incoming and not out going,'

Wrong - strawbie is using Vista!

  Pine Man 14:26 03 Jul 2007

If you have a router for your internet connection it should have a firewall built in. The general concensus is that if you have a router and Vista you don't need any 3rd party firewalls.

  mfletch 14:28 03 Jul 2007

Sorry about that pine Man,

  pcbobby 14:29 03 Jul 2007

On the advice of forum members, I also got rid Norton and other embedded stuff.
Now using the following 'freebies'.
Firewall = Comodo
Spyware = Spyware terminator
Antivirus = AVG
and just for good measure = Spyware blaster.
No problems incurred, all trouble free.

  Strawbie 15:02 03 Jul 2007

Thanks very much for all the help and advice everyone. I've got rid of Norton and gone back to Zonealarm and Avast with Spybot and Ad-Aware. I'll get Spyware Terminator too.

I've already got 10-15% of my ram resourcs back and that's with the Vista sidebar running. Now I just need to strip out some of the embedded Toshiba stuff.

I've got a Linksys Wireless Router but I've just installed it so not sure if it's got a built in firewall. Won't hurt to keep Zonealarm for a bit though.

Thanks again!

  p;3 17:40 03 Jul 2007

is another useful tool to have in your armouryclick here

did you run the norton removal tool as suggested?

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