Should I get a new PC???

  towunda 16:59 21 Mar 2005

Hi everyone, My PC is now five years old and Im getting fed up with the niggly problems Im having with it, it need repairing again! Do PC's wear out and is it advisable to replace it with a new after a few years??? or should I fork out and get it repaired agian. By the way, Im looking at the Tiny Home 64-3000 PQ E10255 as recomended by PCAdvisor, not bad for £500. Any advice anyone?? Cheers. T

  Completealias 17:12 21 Mar 2005

Entirely upto you if you just use your pc for basic tasks like word processing and some internet surfing then a clean reinstall may give you just the fresh start you need with a RAM upgrade as well you should see a improvement.

Whereas if you wish to play the latest games then a new system may well b called for

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 21 Mar 2005

Yes eventually they break down usually in a big way (harddrive fails, PSU fails etc.) However I,m still using 10 year old PCs on locomotives at work, and still casionally dust off the old Spectrum 48k circa 1985.

Niggly problems are usually software and can be fixed with a clean install, and or with help from here and will probably cost nothing but a little time and effort.

If its doing what you want then keep it.

If you want bigger, faster, flashier in fashion then get on the upgrade trail

Just remember its out of date as soon as you buy it.

  towunda 17:27 21 Mar 2005

well, here's some of the problems Im having, the main one being the my PC seems to turn itself of when ever it fancys, I've got a Packard Bell, running ME, when it goes of the green and orange light stays on and the monitor switches off and I unble to boot it up again but seems to boot up again if I leave it for a few hours, I had this problem and it got progressivly worst last year, it just started doing it agian and I know it gonna get worst, the power supply unit was replace and that seemed to sort it. Also I'm unble to upgrade to AOL 9.0, not able to send emails through outlook express. I dont play games on it, just regular surfing and word etc. I dont particulary want fork out to much to have it repaired agian but dont wanna fork out for a new one, if these problems can be sorted???!!!! Any advice???? Cheers

  Happy Soul 17:31 21 Mar 2005

The cost of repairs can be quite high. Check out some barebones systems click here and transfer any necessary hardware from your old to the new.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 21 Mar 2005

Switch off suddenly many causes:-

1. Overheat - processor shuts down for self protection - check heat settings, motherboard monitor 5 click here

Clean / ugarde Cpu fan, add extra fans approx £3 each

2. Memory stick failing test with mem test click here

3. Most common PSU yours renewed

4. software conflicts need to check out 1-3 first

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