should i download vista SP1?

  hawthorn59 00:38 13 Sep 2008

Just today I got an update telling me Vista Service pack 1 is ready for download...? Having seen mixed reviews about it, what is the general opinion? Should I download it?

I believe the new "search" facility which I find very handy, is still there but hidden, or not as accessible?


  martjc 07:43 13 Sep 2008

...with no problems whatsoever. But, there'll always be mixed reviews on anything new and I don't think Microsoft really WANTS to screw up our systems.

Bottom line: whatever it is, someone will find something wrong with it and that's what comes to the media's attention.

  crosstrainer 08:13 13 Sep 2008

On balance I would say yes. The early bug's have been ironed out, and were largely due to hardware compatibility issues. I have installed it on 2 Vista machines without issues.

  Pine Man 08:39 13 Sep 2008

Just been offered SP1 for the first time and took the plunge with no problems whatsoever. Mind you I have got Acronis True Image and backed up my C drive first!

  Taff™ 08:53 13 Sep 2008

I did the same as Pine Man, Acronis Image then the SP1 - no problems so far.

  Pine Man 09:12 13 Sep 2008

I just re read the original thread from thehill.

Where DID search go? I can't find it anymore.

  Pine Man 10:31 13 Sep 2008

These shortcuts will bring up Windows Search
1.Windows Key + F.

2.You can also press CTRL + ESC and then F3.

3.Click on Taskbar and press F3.

4.You can open up Start menu, Windows Explorer or Vista Desktop and hit F3.

5.Go to command prompt and type "start search-ms:" without quotes.

  FatboySlim71 10:59 13 Sep 2008

I downloaded it a bit back, I have had no problems whatsoever.

IMO it makes an already good OS even better, by this I mean that IMO it runs smoother and faster, especially when copying.

If you have the necessary software and storage device then why don't you take a full back up of your system, after doing this install SP1 and see what you think. If for some reason you didn't like it you could always restore your system to the condition just prior to installing SP1.

Regarding the search:
I had no problems with it, prior to me installing SP1 I accessed it by pressing the START button, after installing SP1 I access it in the exact same way, I agree it is a handy feature.

  martjc 10:16 14 Sep 2008 remains where it was - I hit the globe [bottom left], then the Start menu pops up and Search is at the bottom, where it was before SP1 was applied.

  FatboySlim71 11:09 14 Sep 2008

Yeah I had the exact same experience has martjc.

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