Should I change to Vista?

  rsedw 14:55 03 Feb 2007

My computer is a Dell Dimension 9150 and is approx 6 months old, operating under Windows XP (Professional) Media Centre.
Since buying this computer I have experienced nothing but trouble with the operating syatem..some programs will not work/I have had the dreaded 'fatal blue screen' which necessitated a complete restore of everything.I am always getting errors when running programs and feel that the whole system is very unstable.
Prior to this computer my previous one ran under Windows XP, Home edition with very littel trouble.
Now that Vista is released would it be advisable to change to Vista and would it solve my problems?
PS. I don't want to change just for the sake of it.

  Technotiger 14:59 03 Feb 2007

Hi, I have always thought that XP in whatever guise was pretty reliable. Are you sure the problems are not hardware related, or Software other than the OS?

  Technotiger 15:01 03 Feb 2007

PS ... Vista? you might be going from the frying pan into the fire!!

  amonra 15:02 03 Feb 2007

NO !

  Sharpamatt 15:09 03 Feb 2007

I would wait sort out your current problems which as its only 6 months old will /should be covered by warenty.

I know there is a problem with some cyberlink programs they have realeased patchs already.

Orange has also advised uses that some USB modems way not work correctley, they are working on that, so untill everything settles down I would advise wait

  howard64 15:14 03 Feb 2007

what are you problems we might be able to help or advise you what to tell Dell

  gregori 15:34 03 Feb 2007

As Sharpamat has already suggested. Your 6 month old PC should be covered under warranty. You could go back and explain that you haven't a clue what is causing the problem but you would like them to fix it, replace it, or give you your money back. Upgrading to Vista will only make it easier for the supplier to wash their hands of you. Be polite but be firm. Calmly explain that if they are unwilling to go for one of the 3 options above you will consider the small claims court. Write a letter and insert the line "If I do not hear from you in 14 days I will take the matter further. I await your reply.".
Check out what howard64 has to offer first though. Good luck.

  tullie 15:37 03 Feb 2007

Think thats a bit over the top at this stage,think he should delve further before taking this step.

  Forum Editor 15:46 03 Feb 2007

is never a great idea, especially when the change costs money.

Wndows XP is an extremely stable operating system, and if you're experiencing these problems there's some underlying cause. Have you added any hardware components or software since you bought the machine?

  Technotiger 15:49 03 Feb 2007

Hi, that was my thought too on my first response.

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