Should I change standard CPU cooler & fan for lowe

  anit999 11:51 30 Jul 2009

I have a computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo 4300 1.8GHz processor and I am considering changing the CPU cooler and fan to make it quieter.

I have been impressed on how quiet the computer is generally but under high load the fan gets noticably louder when it speeds up. However the PC is not under full load very often. The CPU is not overclocked and I do not use the PC for gaming. The only other fan in the computer is a large diameter fan inside the PSU which is quiet.

My current CPU cooler and fan is an Asus P5M8-8LB4W which is factory supplied from Packard Bell.
Here's the link: click here ... templete=2
The Asus P5M8-8LB4W cooler in my PC at the moment produces between 16-33 dBA at 1500-4500 rpm which is pretty quiet for a standard fan.

I have looked in the Bios and the fan runs at around 1700 rpm when it's idle. Also in the Bios there are no fan speed options but it controls the fan speed automatically.

I would like to reduce idle noise and load noise. Would I benefit much by changing the CPU cooler to a different one?

I have found the Xilence XQ 4ALL cooler for a total of £20 including delivery and the specs say that it produces between 9-17dB and 0-2800 rpm which is the quietest that I have found. There is only one review there but it is a good review. Here is the link: click here#

Would anyone know if this cooler has automatic fan speed control and if it is a good choice?

Also are there any other recommendations for a very quiet cooler?

  keef66 12:17 30 Jul 2009

In my experience it isn't usually the cooler that has automatic fan speed control*, it's the bios that does it. Sounds like yours does. You just need to ensure the cooler you buy has the same number of wires and the same connector as your existing one. (The Ebuyer one you link to says it has a 4 pin molex connector presumably for power, but doesn't mention the motherboard connector / wiring which I assume it must have.)

*Having said that, I have an Akasa cooler in my old Athlon XP which has the option of controlling speed manually via a little knob at the back of the pc, or automatically via a temperature sensor you're meant to poke into the fins of the cooler.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:25 30 Jul 2009

Without knowing your exact PC model it's hard to give exact advice, but think about putting in a 120mm case fan (e.g. click here) to blow hot air out of the back of the case if possible. Then go for the CPU cooler you have linked to. This should enable both the case fan and the CPU cooler fan to run at relatvely low speeds.

The only Packard Bell PC's I've seen have got options to set the fan speeds so it might be worh looking around your PC a bit more.

The link to your mobo isn't working for me so i can't tell what fan headers are on it. The CPU cooler you are looking at has PWM control so has the capablity to adjust speeds, but only if the if motherboard has the right headers.

  Confab 12:44 30 Jul 2009

My Pc gets noisy under load only when the inlet/outlet air vents start to get blocked with dust. Have you given the inside a good clean lately?

  woodchip 14:10 30 Jul 2009

if its four pin it as speed control built into the motor. you can buy a controller from maplins

  woodchip 14:11 30 Jul 2009

PS they fit into a front bay with a knob on them

  DieSse 17:51 30 Jul 2009

The heat-sinks on coolers vary tremendously in their efficiency.

A couple of years ago I bought a Thermalright heatsink with three heatpipes, and a seperate slow speed fan (from another manufacturer) for my elderly P4 2.4MHz processor. It was virtually inaudible.

Well, the fan actually failed - and I discovered that in all but summer heat the heatsink alone was efficient enough to keep the processor at a sensible temperature.

The point of this is to say - read the reviews of heatsink performance - pay enough to get a really good one - and don't be afraid to source a very quiet fan separately.

click here

click here

Good places to read some reviews.

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