Should I bother with DirectDraw problems?

  Dipso 21:57 02 Apr 2004

I have been sorting out a mates PC, (not the same one I have asked about before I hasten to add) and everything was going fine until...

I decided to run DxDiag to test the sound, this was fine but I then thought I'd show off the graphics to my young one and got DDraw.DLL errors, blue screeens and freezes.

Wish I hadn't bothered now!

My question is, as the owner is not a gamer and the PC seems to otherwise run perfectly, is it worth fiddling around to sort this out? Your advice would be appreciated.

  Old Shep 22:01 02 Apr 2004

Don't know if you should bother but if you want it click here

  woodchip 22:03 02 Apr 2004

It may be a good idea to load Direct X but not the latest version run something like 7 or 8 as they contain direct draw

  Diodorus Siculus 22:04 02 Apr 2004

If the machine works ok, then leave it. Otherwise it will suffer from "you were the last to touch it" syndrome which no doubt many people here have expreienced.

  Gongoozler 22:10 02 Apr 2004

I'm running Windows 98se with DirectX 8.1. But I don't use my computer for games, so I don't really need it.

  Dipso 22:11 02 Apr 2004

The machine says DirectX 7. something loaded at the moment. I had considered downloading DirectX 8 but I think I will leave it. I just wondered if it was crucial for any other application.

Thanks for your advice.

  woodchip 22:14 02 Apr 2004

It may be but will you be there when it stops

  Diodorus Siculus 22:17 02 Apr 2004

Direct draw not really of much value otherwise; if you have version 8 on a CD it might be worth installing, otherwise leave it.

  Dipso 22:28 02 Apr 2004

I do have DirectX 8 on CD...mmm...will think about it. You know how it is, I'm torn between sorting it out and risking further problems or the niggle if you don't sort them out. This PC has been out of service for long enough. I just wanted to do a good job for a mate.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:32 02 Apr 2004

Dipso - if it works, and your friend doesn't know much about PCs, then leave it alone... I've learned this the hard way!

  Dipso 23:03 02 Apr 2004

Thanks mate.

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