should DMA be enabled or disabled for a cd burner?

  Tecno Dan 21:09 18 Jul 2003


I used to be able to run my cd burner with the standard defaults (enabled) that windows xp setup under ide controllers in the device manager.

Although my system has developed problems where the computer reboots mid way through a burn, so i tryed turning DMA of, and I can burn cds although it now takes a lot longer. It is a relatively new cd-rw drive as well.

What I would like to know is should DMA be used with cd-burners?
Secondaly what is the best way to setup my ide devices. burner and OS hard disk on the same ide cable or sperate cables?

many thanks


  The Sack 21:16 18 Jul 2003

Enabled, if you disable it your burner will do about 4X maximum, TBH DMA should enabled on everything attached to an IDE cable.

Even my old Pentium 233 could burn at 8X with DMA on and still manage to surf on only 32MB of RAM with no burnproofing for the burner.

  User-312386 21:19 18 Jul 2003

Could you give us your full computer specs please, such as processor type and how much ram you have installed and what type of ram etc etc



  woodchip 21:19 18 Jul 2003

Normally Nero will tell you to disable DMA it can cause write problems

  Tecno Dan 21:26 18 Jul 2003

my pc spec is an Athlon (thunderbird) 1.33, 256mb ram, 30gig hdd space (3gig left on OS partician)
My burner wites at x40. Using nero burning rom with windows xp.

Im a bit confused now, what "the sack" says makes sence about the x4 maximium and then what "woodchip" says seams to contradict.

thanks for your responces so far


  woodchip 21:36 18 Jul 2003

I am only quoting NERO

  Tecno Dan 21:40 18 Jul 2003

ok thanks, so what you recon the best config for ide devices is then? OS hdd and burner on the same ide cable?



  User-312386 21:41 18 Jul 2003

Have you only one HDD and one burner, no other CD-ROM drives etc etc?

  woodchip 21:49 18 Jul 2003

Main drive Seagate 7200rpm om EIDE 1 set Master
My DVD is Master and CDRW slave on EIDE 2

  Tecno Dan 21:52 18 Jul 2003

i have a cd burner, dvd drive and 1 hard disk currently connected. although im likely to add another one soon.

  Tecno Dan 21:52 18 Jul 2003

thanks woodchip

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