Shortcuts to Shutdown and Restart

  Graham. 17:27 09 Oct 2007

To put on your Desktop:

"c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe" /s /t 1

"c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe" /r /t 1

The '1' is for 1 second, change it if you wish.

To make a Shortcut, right click the desktop, New, Shortcut.

  Graham. 17:57 09 Oct 2007

I couldn't get any of those on your link to work. I found these on another forum:

click here

  Graham. 19:40 09 Oct 2007

I followed your link to click here, but none of the suggestions worked for me.

  Graham. 22:43 09 Oct 2007

If it is old news to you, why did you not contribute to my thread click here ?

  Graham. 09:22 10 Oct 2007

Thanks, those are far more elegant.

Are there shortcuts for Standby and Hibernate?

Incidentally, in my 'research', I discovered that if you press Shift in the Start shutdown menu, 'Standby' changes to 'Hibernate'. May be old news to some.

  Graham. 10:12 10 Oct 2007

Thanks, I'm on XP Home. Both those initiate Hibernate on mine.

Just Standby to find now...

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