Shortcut power!!!

  Andy1991 11:12 06 Sep 2007

Quick question - and one interesting one. I have a program that requires a service being running to work, but I want as less things starting when windows loads as possible. So, is there a way to make a shortcut, start the service, then start the program. I know that the Net start command works in cmd, and there is key that you can press in cmd that gives you the option to type 2 command but i can't remember it. Could any of this be intergrated into the shortcut. oooh, complication for simplicity....

Andy1991, thanks

  A-Nonymous 13:36 06 Sep 2007

It could be possible, but it would be complicated.

  woodchip 13:44 06 Sep 2007

Try this No Idea If it will work, but worth a try. Right click My Computer Manage\Services Right click on the Service and drag to quick start bar and drop. See if it make or askes you if you want to create a shortcut. This works with .exe files and other things

  Coff 13:50 06 Sep 2007

You should be able to do that with a batch file. You can then make a shortcut to the batch file and run it minimized so that the command prompt window doesn't appear. You can then give the shortcut an appropriate icon.

Determine the correct name of the service by right clicking and choosing Properties. For example, the Telephony service is actually called TapiSrv.

Here's an example for Diskeeper 9.0. First off, stop the appropriate service and set it's startup type to manual. The service name is Diskeeper and the batch file, typed into Notepad, would be as follows :

net start Diskeeper
"C:\Program Files\Executive Software\Diskeeper\Diskeeper.msc"
net stop Diskeeper

You would save the above file with the bat extension, eg. Diskeeper.bat

When you click on the batch file, or it's shortcut, it will start the Diskeeper program which will then start the Diskeeper service. When you click to close Diskeeper, it will stop the Diskeeper service automatically.

If you have any trouble just post back with the details of the service and the program.

  Coff 14:02 06 Sep 2007

Sorry, I should have said that the batch file starts the Diskeeper service first then opens the Diskeeper program.

  Andy1991 14:29 06 Sep 2007

how do i tell it, close once the program is started. I type exit, but it doesnot exit until the program is closed.

  Coff 14:42 06 Sep 2007

Okay, you've got me there. lol. Not exactly sure what you're trying to do by trying to exit before closing the program. Can you give more details of the service and the path to the program file.

  woodchip 14:42 06 Sep 2007

You need another batch file finishing with STOP not Exit

  User-312386 14:44 06 Sep 2007

What service are you trying to start?

Why not go into services and stop the ones you dont want and start the one you do?

If it is an .exe then drag it into start up

  woodchip 14:44 06 Sep 2007

May be just as easy to create a Shortcut to Services folder, as I put above But drag it to Start Button. It will be in the list above the button. You do not then have to find your way each time to Services

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