Shortcut to Key Presses

  audeal 23:46 13 Nov 2007

I was wondering if it is possible to create a shortcut on my desktop so when it is clicked on it will simulate three certain keypresses.

Purpose: I have two computers which are connect with a KVM switch. In order to change from one computer to the other I have to press the "Scroll Lock" key twice and then either press key number "one" or key number "two". (I can even press the "Up Arrow" key instead of the number key).

Does anybody know if it is possible to simulate these keypresses with one click of the mouse on a shortcut.

  audeal 12:17 14 Nov 2007

Can anyone answer this question please?

  DieSse 15:00 14 Nov 2007
  audeal 16:13 14 Nov 2007

DieSse: Thanks for that little program, however I have no knowledge of scripting and therefore the program is of no use to me unless I can get a script to do what I want.

A script which will simulate pressing the following keys: "Scroll Lock > Scroll Lock > Up Arrow" (Or keys Number one or Number two, in place of the Up Arrow key)this is what I realy want, but I do not know how this is programed.

Maybe there is someone out there who would be good enough to write me such a script.

  DieSse 17:30 14 Nov 2007

This may be better - it features a recoder, so may be simpler to set up.

click here

  DieSse 17:31 14 Nov 2007

recorder, not recoder.

  audeal 04:05 15 Nov 2007

DieSse: Thanks for you offerings but I find them rather difficult to understand and will need some time to study them. So I will close this thread now and get studying.

Many Thanks. Audeal

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