short term internet access

  beachhut 21:05 05 Aug 2008

Hello can someone give me some advise. My wife will be taking a laptop to Knaresborough to sit with mother in law, after some surgery. The problem is the mother in law does not have internet / broadband access at home, so wireless conection will not work. We only need it for approx 14 days ish, so is there something one can buy like a pay as you go stick which we can plug into her phone socket to allow acess, as my wife wants to catch up with work whilst she sits and waits.

  woodchip 21:15 05 Aug 2008

Check if there is a McDonald's as I think they have Free Hot Spot

  Technotiger 21:18 05 Aug 2008

click here and if you Google for Short Term PAYG Internet, you will no doubt find more.

  ashdav 21:21 05 Aug 2008

click here
You have to sign up but there is no contract and you can cancel anytime you like.
It operates in most pubs and clubs click here by providing wireless access to the broadband connection used by gaming and quiz machines.

  beachhut 22:36 05 Aug 2008

My wife will be in a house looking after the ill and infirmed, and will have little time to go clubbing, pubbing, or dinning out at McDonalds. Thank you for the info but is there something she can plug into the house telephone socket, without having to sign an agreement or change the phone provider. She just wants a short term access system.

  ashdav 23:00 05 Aug 2008

With the Cloud you don't need to go in. Just be near.
I've had a connection over a distance of 800yds albeit line of sight over fields.
Don't know of an application that will meet your request but why not use a dialup connection.
You can use the phone socket anywhere.
The charges will be made to the owner of the telephone line so you will have to reimburse them.
Just set up a modem connection on your modem (most have the hardware installed) anduse a payg dialup number.
Google has loads of them (they all seem to be the same price).
I use 08450551861

  ashdav 23:06 05 Aug 2008

Sorry that should have been "set up a modem connection on your laptop".
Make sure you have the correct lead.
Modem socket looks like a LAN socket but slightly smaller.
Charges are typically 5p peak (8am-6pm I think) and 1p offpeak.

  beachhut 23:15 05 Aug 2008

Thanks for that info. I will give it a trail run in the morning.

  Ditch999 23:25 05 Aug 2008

Maybe a kind neighbour with wireless would allow your wife to connect to their broadband. Nearly all houses with broadband now have a wireless router.

  beachhut 23:34 05 Aug 2008

This is Yorkhire we are talking about. You may get a cup of tea and maybe a cup of sugar, but to use someone's broadband, that could cost real money, and my wife, no doubt, will give the broadband a hell of a bashing. Its just a case of taking a house with nothing and giving it access for 2weeks.

  lotvic 00:07 06 Aug 2008

When my broadband adsl goes on the blink I use 'emergency internet' Dial Up
click here just costs Local Rate Telephone Call Charge

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