Short Menus

  birdy11 19:30 25 Sep 2006

I am running Windows 2000 on a desktop computer.
When I click on START I get a short menu showing just the most recently used programmes.
Does anyone know how to make it show all the programmes at the first click.

Grateful for any help received.


  dukeboxhero 20:34 25 Sep 2006

try right click on start>properties then start menu im not sure if this is same as win 2000 hope it helps

  Pesala 20:36 25 Sep 2006

On Windows ME, you right-click on the Windows Task bar and choose Properties, and uncheck personalised menus. I suspect that Windows 2000 is not radically different.

  birdy11 11:09 26 Sep 2006

Thanks to dukeboxhero and Pesala For your valuable help.
I had been clicking on the START button itself instead of an empty part of the Taskbar, which had revealed a different menu.
So thanks once again.


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