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  machins 16:49 22 Apr 2005

I have an existing web site that I want to add an on-line payment service for products etc.
I have my bank set up and am using Secure Trading as my payment service provider - but I need an easily configured shopping cart to integrate with my site. (I am using dreamweaver MX).
I have tried to use OSCommerce but their documentation on how to integrate it is virtually nil. I have no objection paying for a service but has anyone any ideas please?

  PurplePenny 22:52 22 Apr 2005

There is much better documentation for OsCommerce on the OsDox site: click here
Don't ever mention it on the official OsCommerce site though, they don't approve of OsDox.

I use a PHP cart called ... um ... PHPCart! click here Secure Trading is one of the supported payment gateways. It's very cheap but not as sophisticated as either more expensive software or OsCommerce. It doesn't use a database.

(I just clicked "post response" and it ummed and arred for a while then did nothing. Last time that happened I clicked "post response" again ... and my message appeared twice. I've just refreshed the page and my post hasn't appeared yet so I'm going to try again.)

  machins 08:17 23 Apr 2005

Thanks for the tip - I think (and hope!) I am on the way now.
I have just ordered this product - I assume it comes with some sort of tutorial or "How to use" information?
Thanks again

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