Shop sold me a router.. Is that what I need?

  cfggfrtdsggfdg 23:34 12 Jan 2007

Trying to get onto wiress broadband with my laptop. Only have laptop, no other PC. Was on normal broadband......fine, no probs but want the freedom to move around. Looking at what shop sold me, ethernet cable from laptop will now go between router and broadband modem, but then a yellow cable needs to go from laptop to router. This isn't what I want. I know i'm thick but please help....What do I need. Laptop is ok for wireless.

  stevelincsuk 23:54 12 Jan 2007

Are you sure the router you have is a wireless router?. What make/model is it? For a wireless setup you will need it hard wired for the initial setup, once you have your router set up correctly and running you should be able to pull out the yellow cable from between your lapdog and router to go wireless (presuming your PC has a wireless network card built in, or as an add on card/dongle)

  cfggfrtdsggfdg 00:03 13 Jan 2007

Yes it's definately a wireless router. Belkin. Dont know model. Laptop has facility to search for wireless network so hope will be ok. Thought yellow cable would have to stay but if you say it can be removed after setup then perhaps it is ok. Just me being daft. Thank you I'll carry on with setup and give it a go.

  stevelincsuk 00:31 13 Jan 2007

Hope all goes well with the setup. Im sure if you hit anymore probs someone here will be more than willing to help :)

  PaulB2005 08:00 13 Jan 2007

Post back the model number and your Internet Service Provider please.

  STREETWORK 08:39 13 Jan 2007

Also what make/model of Laptop to you have?

Check following

1. you have ADSL filters on all phone sockets
2. your internet provider has confirmed that your line is active for broadband.
3. all cables are running to the correct sockets

  archir123 10:34 13 Jan 2007

i assume your router has a built in modem? or at least your current modem has an ethernet slot and isnt just usb?

they are very easy to set up , you dont even actually have to ever connect it to your pc , you can set it up wirelessly too , just boot up yer modem and get your wireless software on your lappy to do a site search , when it finds your router enter your default username and password and bobs your aunt :0)

  archir123 10:35 13 Jan 2007

erm i said boot up yer modem , i meant router lol

i cant seem to find an edit function on these forums

  bof:) 19:21 13 Jan 2007

Hi cfggfrtdsggfdg, you should have had an instruction manual + installation cd with the wireless router.

You first need to run the installation cd, which should tell you when to connect your pc to the router (you need to do this using a cable so that your pc and router can communicate with each other and set router up ie for security etc.)

Follow instructions on installation cd and you should be ok.

If no manual or instructions contact shop you purchased router from and ask for them.

and/or post back here for further help.


  cfggfrtdsggfdg 00:02 14 Jan 2007

Thank you aall for your trouble. I did have installation disc which I followed to the letter but after many attempts would not connect to internet. Took it back to shop and it was faulty!!!! Ha ha it wasn't me going mad after all. Thanks again.

  bof:) 13:15 14 Jan 2007

glad to hear you've solved the problem.


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