Shoes that resist generation of static

  setecio 10:24 22 Mar 2008

I remebember someone who could rub their feet along a carpet (nylon I think) and in a darkened room touch someone and you could see the spark.

When working inside a PC, are there any types of shoes (or soles of shoes) that are worse or better for resisting static build up. If I touch a radiator to discharge it, but my few steps back to the PC build it up again, then the danger is still there.

Does anyone know ?

  johndrew 10:35 22 Mar 2008

I`m not quite sure where you are going with this.

If you are working inside your PC, it should always be with the mains power switched off. You can then ensure you are at the same potential as the PC by touching the chassis (NOT a HDD or component) before doing anything else.

If you are one of those who has a static charge problem, you can buy a wrist strap similar to click here to connect to the chassis whilst working on the PC. This will permit any charge to `leak` slowly and prevent any risk.

  setecio 10:55 22 Mar 2008

Crucial (the company) 's instructions say to remove the power lead. So it is no longer earthed.

I was told to discharge by touching a radiator.

So if you touch the case with no power lead in, does this work, and do you have to permanently keep hold of it, or is it so unlikely that you can let go after touching it and work away ?

  johndrew 13:41 22 Mar 2008

Crucial are playing extra safe, and wisely so.

If you are only fitting new RAM and doing no other work, you could leave the power lead connected to provide an earth but it is not necessary. You wont immediately develop a static charge so after making contact with the chassis you can get on with what you need to do. If you leave the work and go off for something, just make contact with the chassis again before you touch any components.

I suggest that if you feel a bit nervous, you leave the power lead connected until you have touched the chassis of the PC and then remove the plug from the socket and replace/fit the new RAM.

I must admit that I turn the PC off at the wall and the switch on the PSU when I go inside the case, but leave the leads connected to ensure a good earth. I have never experienced a problem when removing/fitting boards, drives or RAM in this way. Other will advise against this but I feel it is personal choice and if it works for me then it`s OK for me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 22 Mar 2008

Do NOT leave power lead and socket on, on a modern PC, as there is power to motherboard even with PC switched off.

Always switch off at socket and it is best to remove power lead.
Earth yourself on a radiator before proceding inside the PC case.

  johndrew 14:07 22 Mar 2008

Just re-read my words. They could be misconstrued to mean that I leave power on at the wall. I do not leave power on at all. All switches are OFF. Only the leads are connected to provide an earth.

  lotvic 14:33 22 Mar 2008

Rubber soles or a rubber mat to stand on if you are worried.

(just me being a bright spark...)

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