Shepley Computers

  Ritchbee 09:23 21 Feb 2003

Anyone had any dealings or purchased a PC from this company.
Are they any good,reliable etc ???.
Your feedback would be most welcome.


  crimbo 10:33 21 Feb 2003

I bought a laptop from them about four months ago, and it's been fine, i believe they don't make the systems themselves, but act as resellers. I can't fault them on thier service though, if you telephone they will give good advice on suitable system.

  Gaz 25 01:32 22 Feb 2003

Great!!! I have had 4 of them in the past, networked and every one worked fine, also 3mnth warrenty.

Can't beat it.

Also mention me if you will, you may get a reduction (Maybe).


  Gaz 25 04:58 22 Feb 2003


Oh and I am sure you will find Terry (the owner) quite a good guy to discuss your PC needs!!!

  Ritchbee 12:32 25 Feb 2003

Cheers Gareth,

I've had a few emails between Terry and myself over the past week or so and found him very imformitive and helpful.

I gave the the specification that I am looking for and he matched it perfectly and also kept it within my allowed budget !!.

I've been searching round and it looks like his company it going to be the winner.

I will mention you (Anything to save money)

Thanks Again

  Gaz 25 01:28 03 Mar 2003

Got your new PC?

  Ritchbee 12:42 05 Mar 2003

Hi Gareth,

I've not actually ordered it yet, as I'm been looking around as you do when your going to make an important purchase as this.

Over the weekend Terry kindly answered a couple of points that I'd queried with him.

Again he was extremely helpful.

I haven't mentioned your name yet but as I'm just about to reply to his latest email I'll see what happens.

The hardest part will be convincing the 'other arf' !! that his is the right company.

She prefers to go these flashy showrooms so you can see the product your buying, but when you ask their sales person a question or two that they should know you get a blank look or a crap response.

I found that out at Evesham.


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