Sheer stupidity ??

  Oldrocker 15:24 26 Jan 2004

A freind bought his Tiny machine over, as it was playing up.We used Ultimate Boot Disk to make a boot disk, but used my Evesham machine (both machines run ME).We ran the boot disk in the Tiny, then tried to restore the Tiny using it's own restore software supplied.It now does not recognise the hard drive.The question is:How much damage have we done to the Tiny machine, and is there an easy way to rectify it ?

  Gongoozler 15:46 26 Jan 2004

To the best of my knowledge, as long as your C: drive is recognised in BIOS, you should be able to format the drive from DOS using a floppy disk such as a Windows 98 boot disk. You should then be able to reinstall Windows using the correct restore software.

  Djohn 15:56 26 Jan 2004

When you ran the boot disk, did you format the drive? If so you may have removed the files that are stored on there and necessary for the "Time" restore disk to work. If you didn't format then the part of the hard drive containing this information will still be there.

If you have removed these files then I think the only option will be to install a new O/S [Operating system] and start again. j.

  interzone55 15:58 26 Jan 2004

You've not done anything stupid.

1) Why did you need to make a boot disk, as the restore CD is bootable.
2) If the restore CD can't find the hard drive try entering BIOS (switch on, as soon as you here the beed press DEL or F1) and see if the hard drive is showing on the first screen under Primary Master, if it is your restore disk is knackered. If it isn't your hard disk is knackered.
3) If you have a knackered restore CD and the PC is still in warranty you will need to contact Time for a new CD, same goes if it's a hard drive fault.
4) If you're out of warranty and you have a proper copy of ME that came with your Evesham PC, you could always use that CD to reinstall ME on the Tiny PC, just use the license number from the side of the case.

  Djohn 16:00 26 Jan 2004

You say it doesn't see the hard drive. It won't see the C: drive if you have used the boot disk to format it. But does it see a main drive under another "letter" If so this might be the hidden partition that holds the restore files.

  ventanas 16:01 26 Jan 2004

Had something similar recently with a colleauges home machine (Tiny). The hard drive had failed. After replacement the Tiny recovery disc was useless. The only choice was to buy a new OS.

It looks like you may have done as Djohn has suggested, and wiped the files needed for the recovery disc to work.

Just one question. Why did you need to use a boot disc, other than the disc supplied with the machine?

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