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  Currantbun 22:49 09 May 2008

Hey Guys!

I want to share data with one of my customers. They send me a job number and description, i put it into Excell and then once the job is complete i put in time/ date of completion and also details of what was done. Is there some way that i could create a spreadsheet that my cumstomer and i could both add details to?

Any help/ advice apprieciated!!!

  mammak 23:11 09 May 2008

Yes if I remember right there is! I would think if my memory serves me correctly, you should be able to create a link to the spreadsheet.

with any luck our resident Excell expert Vog should be along soon, and he will set you up.

  VoG II 08:51 10 May 2008

I'm not sure that I understand this.

If you and your customer are on a network you can go to Tools > Share Workbook. This approach has some limitations (some features will no longer be available). click here for more information.

Otherwise post back with more details of what you want to do.

  Forum Editor 09:23 10 May 2008

with some of my clients, and I've found that the easiest way is simply to send them a copy of the updated sheet as an email attachment each time.

They save the file to the same location each time, overwriting the previous file, so we both always have identical copies. I've been operating this system for years, and it works perfectly.

  Currantbun 21:43 10 May 2008

Thanks guys!!

I think e-mailing the Excell spreadsheet may be the simplist solution.
I use office 2007, however i did check out Google Docs last night, does anyone have any experience of this?
I want to share the same document with an important customer so we can both add details.
I'll give your link a try thanks VoG, maybe that'll do the trick....

  VoG II 06:25 11 May 2008

In Excel 2007 you will find the option to share the workbook on the Review tab. But I must stress that this is only viable if you both share the file on a network or if the file is, for example, stored on a website.

The FE's suggestion is a much better idea and this is an example of where a little knowledge (on my part) can lead to the 'wrong' solution.

  wee eddie 09:12 11 May 2008

If both parties have made alterations to the Spreadsheet, then the one that is Saved "over" will remain. Meaning that any alterations that the Host has made, in the meantime, will be lost.

  Forum Editor 09:17 11 May 2008

the Excel file, provided the customer has Excel 2007 installed. If that's not the case you'll need to save as an Excel 2003 file, and not in Office 2007's native file format.

Then you and the customer can bounce the file back and forth via email. The crucial thing is that both of you always save to the same location, and that you don't change the file name. That way you'll both always have exactly the same file.

It's very easy to operate this system, and I find that customers have no trouble with it, once I've explained what to do.

  Forum Editor 09:22 11 May 2008

In practice that problem doesn't arise with me. My files are used to record financial information about long-running projects, and updates are only ever made by one party at a time. I change the file and send it to the client; the client saves it and can then make changes and send it back.

At no time is there any need for both of us to make changes - it's like tennis, once I hit the ball I can't hit it again until the customer hits it back, and vice-versa. There hasn't been a single case of confusion in years, and in any case the timestamp on the file would soon sort that out if it occurred.

  wee eddie 09:43 11 May 2008

Working on something at home, curiously enough also a Spread Sheet, I forgot that I had also done some work on it, at the Restaurant, and managed to overwrite a good half hour's toil. Luckily I noticed immediately and it was easily repeatable.

  Forum Editor 10:51 11 May 2008

that automatically synchronises files between my laptop and the office machine - that way I know that both ends of the business always have the latest version of every file.

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