Sharing Printer via Vista & Wireless

  Dirty Dick 23:04 04 Apr 2007

have a Laptop running Vista and I want tos share a printer on my network. My Desktop PC , running XP, has a Epson 1290 printer connected via cable. The network is connected via a Netgear DG834 wireles router. When I try to add the Epson Printer, it says that I will have to install printer drivers, I click on to install the drivers, but it says that it cannot find the 'printer monitor'. I have installed another printer and that is ok. I have looked at the Epsom website, to install the drivers for Vista, but it says that the Operating System already has the drivers installed. Can anybody help?



  pezzz 13:19 15 Apr 2007

I have eventualy found a way to share the printer on XP to Vista using various tips from posts.

- Connect, install and share printer on XP

- On Vista PC, In Printers Click "Add Printer" - Local Printer on LPT1 and install to there.

- Right click on printer icon, go to Properties, Ports, Add port - New port - "\\XPComputerName\XPPrinterName"

I sent this to Epson earlier in reply to an email from their tech team which sent me to Microsoft for a whole lot of dribble not really related.

Hope this helps.

  Dirty Dick 22:13 15 Apr 2007

I had my nephew online, and he connected to my Laptop remotely. Apparantely he disabled the UAC (User Account Control)and managed to get the printer to work, via wireless

When I find out EXACTLY what he did, I;ll post it here

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