sharing a printer

  rambus 16:32 03 Dec 2006

hi, i have two pc`s connected to a broadband router, they are not networked in anyway to each there a way for them to share a printer and remain unnetworked, they both have xp home, and are in differant rooms. thanks for any help.

  woodchip 16:48 03 Dec 2006

No you need to network them. It's easy Switch both computers and printers on. Go into the XP computer Control Panel Networking, Choose Network Wizard Have a Floppy disc ready for when it asks if you want to create a Floppy, You then After it as Set the computer up. take the floppy out and put it in the other computer, Double Click on the file that's on the Floppy disc with all devices still turned on. to share things you right click on them like Drives Folders. It should set the Printers up without right clicking. You have to have the Computer turned on that as the Printer Connected to be able to share it. You do not need to have the Monitor on.

  anskyber 16:54 03 Dec 2006

I may be wrong on this but I do not think it is possible outside of a network which given you already share the BB connection should not be too difficult to establish.

If you are concerned about other files/data being shared as well, there is no need because each and every file (or collection of files) needs to be granted sharing rights by each machine, it is not automatic.

  Woolwell 17:18 03 Dec 2006

I think that this is helpful
click here

  rambus 18:36 03 Dec 2006

thank you all for your prompt replys and info, a great help. will give it a go. i will close this thread as resolved, as it looks straightforeward to setup. any problems and i will post again. many thanks.

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