Sharing NTL cable broadband

  ssbrit 20:56 21 Dec 2003

I have arranged for NTL cable broadband 600kb to be installed in the new year.
I wonder if anyone can give me advice or recommend the best method of sharing this connection with another computer in the same house, allowing for P2P files downloading to the right computer?
Cost is not an issue, I would rather get some sound advice and get it right first time.

Cheers guys,


  howard60 21:17 21 Dec 2003

you describe my system exactly. The broadband goes to my main pc and I have a network card in that machine and one in my spare pc. These 2 are connected by means of a crossover cable. I have the main pc set for internet connection sharing and they both can see each other and use the internet. The slight drawback is that no. 1 pc must be on for no.2 to connect but that is not a problem for me. You could get wireless network equipment but I have not used it and do not have any knowledge of it. Should you have any problems setting it up just let me know and I will talk you through it.

  ssbrit 21:33 21 Dec 2003

Hi Howard

Thanks for the info, as you say the only drawback is having to have the main computer on for the secondary computer to work, this is not a very good option in my case,I wonder if wireless is the way forward for me?
If there is no other option then perhaps your suggested setup is the way way to go in which case, if you don't mind, I will certainly be asking for your help.
In the mean time perhaps there might be some other suggestions?


  Tim1964 23:16 21 Dec 2003

If the PCs are a distance apart (seperate floors in the house etc) then a wireless connection to a hub and a cabled connection from the PC nearest the cable modem to the hub will allow either/both PCs to connect independantly.

  Tim1964 23:17 21 Dec 2003

This forum click here deals exclusively with NTL

  billyliv 23:58 21 Dec 2003

Hi,I am on NTL 600K cable broadband and have three machines sharing the connection. Get yourself a router, I use the 'D'Link 604, put Ethernet cards into each machine, couple everything up with cat 5 straight through cables and internet sharing is a cinch. good luck with it, you will not regret it. That little 604 box is a piece of magic. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Cheers, Bill

  dfghjkl 00:16 22 Dec 2003

just storing for future referance

  hugh-265156 00:24 22 Dec 2003

all sorts of ntl info here click here

  hugh-265156 00:25 22 Dec 2003

see also this link click here

  Gandy 00:30 22 Dec 2003

I chose the wireless option using Netgears WGR614 cable modem router, a 10/100 ethernet card in the base station and Netgears GR314 wireless card in the remote. 1st tip, install wireless card in the exact order as per instructions (software/hardware). 2nd tip, backup wireless settings to restore to router should you lose wireless connectivity. Merry Xmas, John

  ssbrit 20:04 22 Dec 2003

Thanks for all the help you lot, it's much appriciated, I feel a lot more confident now about connecting the two computers, all the links have also proved to be a great sorce of information, I'm really glad that I decided to post now rather than wait until the cable was installed.

Thanks again, Happy Christmas,


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