Sharing internet connections over bluetooth

  ShanghaiDave 16:15 12 May 2004

Recently I have purchased a notebook and I still have my old desktop pc. However I now use the notebook and my dad would like to use the desktop pc to use the net. Now of course the times he wants to go on the net are generally the time I am on the net so it is really impossible to just share our broadband modem. Now I know ideally it would be best to purchases a router and actually wireless network cards but money is tight with me being a student. I also however already have one bluetooth dongle which I currently use for connecting to my T610. No would it be possible if I were to buy another bluetooth dongle to share the broadband connection? For example if I were in one room and my dad in the other within the bluetooth range would it be possible? As it is possible to do this with the T610 to use it as a modem I would presume this was also possible to do with two computers.


1) Is it actually possible?
2) Would it be fast enough? For example to share a broadband connection of 512kb/s which is around 60 kilobytes a second. (Keeping in mind if it was shared correctly there would only really be 30 kb’s which would need to be sent via bluetooth to the other computer.

OR would it be wiser for me to wait and not buy another bluetooth dongle and buy two 802.11g / wifi dongles?

My two computer specifications

Notebook: Win XP home, 2.8ghz, 512 ram, 40gb

Desktop pc: windows ME, 700 mhz, 448 ram, 20 gb

Any ideas if the bluetooth idea would work. Thanks

  ShanghaiDave 18:36 12 May 2004


  Steven135 18:42 12 May 2004

I think the answer is no transfer rates just to share files are painfully slow and I think you can only use it to access a dialup connection.

  mgmcc 20:01 12 May 2004

I don't see any reason why not if the software with your Bluetooth dongle installs it as a "Bluetooth Network Adapter" in both PCs. The device I have does this in both 98SE and XP but as I only have the one Bluetooth adapter, I cannot actually run the network. I would suggest you try installing the device in both PCs and if it does create network adapters in both, get an identical dongle for the second PC.

  ShanghaiDave 20:04 12 May 2004

@mgmcc - yes the software will allow it, I am just unsure about the speed aspect. As the speed isn't fast but I'd always put it down to the T610 bluetooth being a bit tempramental.

  mgmcc 23:36 12 May 2004

I must confess I've been totally unable to find any reference anywhere to the speed of Bluetooth, so I've no idea what it is. As the basic GSM dialup on a mobile phone is only 9600bps, Bluetooth is unlikely to be a constraint there. Even using HSCSD at 28.8kbps or a GPRS connection, I would have thought Bluetooth was fast enough to cater for that.

Broadband over a network with a PC though is a different matter.

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