sharing IDE cables & effects on the data transfer rate

  Bargee 12:58 23 Sep 2011


I am upgrading my MB with one that only has a single IDE socket. Not wanting to chuck my HDD & DVD writer, both IDE, obviously I will need to share a single IDE cable.

When I purchased the MB from Maplin, I was told that to share a HDD & optical drive (DVD) on the same cable will result in a drop in data transfer performance, making everything slow down to the slowest drive, probably my DVD writer. Naturally they wanted to sell me a new SATA HDD, but I don't want the hassle of transfering everything onto a new HDD, I'd rather buy one of their IDE/SATA adapters.

Can anyone confirm this? I can understand a drop in transfer rate if I'm writing to DVD, but I can't see how it would otherwise affect the HDD. Does the HDD performance still drop even though I might not be transfering data from it to the DVD writer?.


  gengiscant 13:10 23 Sep 2011

The speed will set to the master and if the slave is slower then it will not impede the master device.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 23 Sep 2011

Yes it true make sure the HDD is set as master at the end of the cable and DVD drive as slave in the centre for best results (seems to work better than cable select).

but I don't want the hassle of transfering everything onto a new HDD

New SATA drives are bigger, faster and cheaper

Your windows installation on your old drive may not boot if its trying to use drivers from the old board instead of the new. you may have to do a repair install from the windows CD (XP) DVD (vista)

  Bargee 13:57 23 Sep 2011

Thanks guys,all that makes eminent sense, especially NOT using cable select.

Fruitbat, me 'ol mucker, in any other circumstances, I'd say a new SATA makes shedloads more sense than keeping my old IDE HDD. BUT, as the PC is for internet use only, I don't see any real advantage in swapping everything over to a new SATA drive. All the upgrade is for is to speed up browsing, downloads, etc.

Thanks fellas.

  Miké 14:04 23 Sep 2011

If you want some more detailed reading, have a Google for 'ide independent device timing'

  Bargee 15:35 03 Oct 2011

Thanks for all the help guys.

Problem solved, got a new SATA DVD rewriter from DABs for circa £16 seeing as I had to get a new PSU because the new MB has a 24pin socket instead of 20pin, so while I was at it ....

BTW Fruitbat, I've not experienced boot problems in this situation before as I've booted in "safe mode" for driver installation in the past. Mind you, thats not to say it can't happen & knowing me, it easily could! :-)

  Bargee 11:38 09 Oct 2011

Yep fruitbat, it did! Simpler to re-install, so new SATA HDD on its way. :-)

  robin_x 12:46 09 Oct 2011

Seeing as it looks like you are more or less rebuilding the whole system, it's a good opportunity for a clean re-install.

Should you wish to clone the old system in it's entirety instead, to the new HDD, Easeus Todo will do that.

If you make a Disk/Partition Image, using Easeus, before a clean install, you don't have to worry about any files and folders being forgotten, since you can just Mount the image later and copy them to your new drive. (applications will still need reinstalling)

Don't forget to put your Anti-virus on first.

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