Sharing hotel Wifi on holiday.

  bda72 20:39 31 Mar 2013

I am going back to the same place we stayed in Mexico last year, the wifi is over £40 for 2 weeks access but that is per device. My laptop has been replaced by a tablet for when we go on holiday so I thought I would just use my phone to connect as the main reason is to stay in contact with work and the Samsung S3 works well with skype. The tech that will be coming with us are 2 smart phones, 2 tablets and a kindle. Is it possible for me to pay for my S3 to have wifi then share the connection with the other devices? All smart phones and tablets are running android so the kindle is the odd one out.



  mgmcc 08:29 01 Apr 2013

I think the answer is "No". What you can do (depending on the phone) is to connect to the internet via 3G and then use the phone's WiFi adapter to act as a WiFi Hotspot to connect other devices.

I believe what you were hoping to do was to connect the phone to the hotel's WiFi and also use that same Wireless Network Adapter to act as a WiFi hotspot. The adapter isn't going to be able to perform both functions simultaneously.

Now if you had a Laptop/Netbook with two Wireless Network Adapters installed, you could set up Internet Connection Sharing and do what you want.

  difarn 10:58 01 Apr 2013

You may be interested in this article on how to turn android tablets into wifi hotspots.

You can of course do this using a laptop.

You may also be interested in this article about turning the Samsung S3 into a hotspot but as there would only be 3G/4G capability it would not be as efficient, or cost effective, as using a laptop connected to the hotel wifi.

  bda72 12:22 01 Apr 2013

Thanks for the replies guys, I think I have cracked it. Can't create a wifi hotspot and share the hotel's wifi but I can share the wifi via bluetooth. I tried it at home last night and got online with the tablet with its wifi turned off while paired to my S3. This won't help with the kindle so Jo will just need to make sure she has plenty books before we go. This should do what I want as it will be handy to use the phone while out of the room but the tablet will be better for general browsing, also means the tablet with the 250Gb hard drive that is used to store pics and video can start sending pics home via dropbox.



  difarn 12:31 01 Apr 2013

Good work. What sort of Kindle do you have? I have one of the original 3G readers and have no problem at all getting new books when abroad without having to connect to a wifi source.

  difarn 12:35 01 Apr 2013

Did you try the suggestion contained in my link about turning tablets into wifi hotspots?

  bda72 12:37 01 Apr 2013

It's my girlfriends Kindle and as far as I am aware it is wifi only, she has had it about 3 years and a newer smaller unit came out a few months after she got it. Not really an issue now, smart phones and tablets are more important for checking weather and booking trips online.


  bda72 12:40 01 Apr 2013

As I understand it I can't turn the phone or tablet into a wifi hotspot in this situation, if there was LAN then I could or even 3G but not from a wifi source. The only way is to receive the wifi signal then transmit it using something else such as bluetooth.


  difarn 13:29 01 Apr 2013

Do you have the Kindle books set up to be sent to a tablet/pc in addition to the Kindle? If so then you can get new books via that and the Kindle can then download them from it.

  bda72 16:32 01 Apr 2013

Thanks for the tip, she has it linked to her smart phone so I will pass the info on.



  Forum Editor 18:16 01 Apr 2013

Is there a data transfer cap on the basic £40 WiFi charge? It might be worth checking before you land yourself with hefty additional charges. Many people have discovered that holiday hotels are aware of the fact that guests are daisy-chaining devices on a Wifi network, so they either terminate the connection once a cap limit is reached, or present you with an extra charge at the end of your stay.

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