sharing files and printer wirelessly

  DMAN 20:59 04 Jan 2007


I've just set up my wireless network. I've connected my pc to the netgear router via ethernet cable and my laptop via the usb adaptor. There are no problems in using the internet and connecting wirlelessly through the laptop.

What I want to do is be able to share files and printers also but I'm not sure how to set this up. I've fiddled with settings and things. Can anyone give me simple instructions on what to do please.


  STREETWORK 21:32 04 Jan 2007

1. Make a new folder in 'my documents' and call it something like 'shared files' - right click it and select the tab for sharing, select the option to share.

2. Open control panel and then printers and faxes - right click the printer icon and select sharing, place a spot in the circle to share the printer...

All done

  Strawballs 21:54 04 Jan 2007

If you run the network wizard in control panel on both machines it will give you the option to setup file and printer sharing

  Lomond 21:59 04 Jan 2007

I have same problem as DMAN and have previously set up files to share but my LAPTOP will not talk to my DESKTOP
My set up is:

This PC runs my printer and is set up to share the printer

PC2 LAPTOP WINDOWS XP wireless linked to the LINKSYS
wants to share printer on PC1

I cannot access PC1 from PC2 and I assume vice versa

Can anyone suggest where I am going wrong:
Could it be a setting in the LINKSYS or I am I going wrong somewhere else in setting up the PC's?
Would welcome guidance

  Lomond 22:02 04 Jan 2007

Strawballs/ Lomond here - have also done this.
still no joy

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