sharing files over the internet

  giovanni-187075 16:27 09 Nov 2004

how do you give access to media files on your computer over the internet with a broadband connection and win xp sp2, and what extra software is needed to do this.

  TomJerry 16:36 09 Nov 2004

click here

click here

Then tell us what exactly you want to do.

  giovanni-187075 16:46 09 Nov 2004

what i want to do is share MY media files(movies i made etc...)with a friend who also has a broadband connection but lives some distance from me. and the files are to large to use any other method as it wouldnt be ecconomical for me. nothing illegal with that is there

  Tim1964 17:00 09 Nov 2004


Just because file sharing networks are commonly used to breach copyright it doesn't necessarily follow that when someone asks a perfectly legitimate question that it should be assumed they are criminals.

gio2710 just asked about file sharing to pass large files to friends/family without the need to post CDs.

Maybe the 'music industry' would be happier if the Internet consisted of web pages on floppy discs that we buy one at a time.

  anchor 17:15 09 Nov 2004

"YouSendIt" is a possible solution. It will take a file up to 1Gb.

click here

  Dorsai 17:18 09 Nov 2004

if both you and your friend get MSN messenger from click here and sign up to it (free when i did it, believe it still is), you can use it to share files. as far as i am aware there is no size limit on the file you can 'send' to a contact using it.

  Dorsai 17:20 09 Nov 2004

oops! my post was supposed to be addressed to Gio1964, not tim1964. Sorry.

  Smartfish 17:41 09 Nov 2004

I agree with Tim1964, we shouldn't be automatically suspicious of people (not the way of the forum!). I was a little confused with the links to the articles at first, but then realised what was being implied.

Also the link by anchor is 1 I recommend but I haven't come across anything with higher capacity.

It looks like pple r confusing Tim and gio :D

click here

  giovanni-187075 17:47 09 Nov 2004

thnkyou for your help

  TomJerry 20:12 09 Nov 2004

but the original post stated " give access to media files on your computer over the internet".

Technically, the best way to share big files is to set up a FTP server click here

  Tim1964 01:13 24 Nov 2004


What's the difference between using 'Yousendit' and just emailing the file?

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