Sharing Broadband.....ah...but there's a catch!

  Soots 21:56 19 Mar 2003

Anybody out there in PC land got a clue as to the best method of sharing a broadband connection between 3 houses (I'm piggy in the middle).I'm feeling very generous at the moment and would like to share my broadband connection with my two good neighbours( they can't afford it at the moment and I don't really use it to its fullest potential). I've got a blank sheet of paper but not a blank signed cheque!!(Missus is a stinge!).

I'm ideally looking for the usual criteria i.e( most cost effective, best performance..not digging major trenches thru the garden, etc). Is this Feasable/Cost Effective/Worth the Hassle??Will linking two more users have a detrimental effect on my current level of service?


  powerless 22:19 19 Mar 2003

I think that is illegal.

  Soots 22:28 19 Mar 2003

Thanks for the swift reply Powerless. To be honest I had'nt really thought about that aspect of the project. I guess its not such a good idea then?

Thanks anyway

  Tim1964 00:09 20 Mar 2003

Powerless is right, If you check the T+C's you will see that the contract is for ONE property only and I guess if they catch you they will terminate your contract (but still charge the rest of the 12 months of course)

Maybe this is where satellite will come into it's own, where groups of people band together to share the cost.

  Djohn 00:13 20 Mar 2003

A very kind and generous offer all the same. J.

  feizex 05:58 20 Mar 2003

What about wireless?

Can they stop you transmitting wireless internet from your house?

how is it different if someone uses your cable internet wirelessly on your front lawn as opposed to theirs?

  feizex 06:00 20 Mar 2003

what if you go to their place with a laptop? It's still your connection.

Are they going to say that you can't let your friends come to your place and use the internet?

Really what's the go?

  cherria 09:21 20 Mar 2003

If you run a cable to your neighbours, you are clearly in breach of contract, having knowingly connected multiple properties (Check your T+C, if yo uhave a business service, they may allow multiple locations, but unlikely).

If you set up a wireless connection for your own use and somebody hacks into that wireless connection then they are probably breaking the law (theft, hacking etc.)

If you invite them round your house with their laptop, I can't see a problem with this.

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